Talking Story Tuesday with Featured Blogger, Heather Shields of Grab Bag Reviews

Heather is a dear friend that I met over at my online moms group. She is a blogger newbie but is ready to take the blogosphere by storm. She not only writes for her own blog, Grab Bag Reviews, but is also a contributor on Busy Mom and the newly formed Playdate Picks. Oh! She’s contributed on Ohana Mama too…go check it out! Please give a big ALOHA to Heather!

Tell us a bit about you – where are you blogging from (state), your family, hobbies, anything else you’d like to share to let us know a bit more about the woman behind the blog.

Well, let’s see. My name is Heather and I am 25 year old SAHM in Illinois. I’ve been married to the Hubby for nearly 5 years, and we have the 2 most gorgeous boys ever, Henry (3) and Luke (1). We just recently made a big move, like your family, but we moved from the South to the Midwest. Quite a change! I’m not very good with keeping up my hobbies, but, I love to read, the Twilight saga in particular. I love photography, and music – listening, singing, playing with my boys Bee Bop Band…. no, I’m serious.

What’s the name and url of your blog?

Grab Bag Reviews,

Is there a story behind the name? How did you come up with it?

Nothing too terribly interesting. But, basically, my brain and life are constantly shifting from one thing to another. I feel like I have ADD although I’ve never been officially diagnosed, and so everything is changing. I love all different kinds of things and quite honestly couldn’t commit to a “music” blog or a “photography” blog, so it’s a Grab Bag! A little bit of everything.

What the focus of your blog – what’s it all about?

Mainly I do reviews, with a few awesome giveaways thrown in there. Sometimes I just ramble, but that’s only if you get really lucky. LOL

How did you get started blogging?

Well, I was basically being a copycat. lol I had seen a few review blogs, Ohana Mama in particular, and thought it seemed like a lot of fun. I started writing reviews on products I had around my house and really enjoyed it. It was a nice outlet and a constructive way to be creative. I liked having something that was mine after all this time of being just “mom.”

Where do you blog? At your kitchen table? On the couch? Office? Share!

I blog from my computer desk. Boring I know. Sometimes I used to blog from the Hubby’s laptop, but the baby broke his modem so I’m stuck at the ole computer desk.

Where’s your favorite place on the net to meet up with other bloggers?

My go to place to ask blog questions is probably BabyTalkBio. It’s a wonderful message board for moms, and I am lucky enough that quite a few of them blog. I also visit Twittermoms, Twitter, and just generally blog hop.

So you are on Twitter! I am a twitter fanatic…tell us your Twitter name so we can all follow you.

Oh yea baby! @GrabBagReviews

Anything else you’d like to share with us? Any upcoming promotions?

Well, my place is pretty new, so it’s only going to get better. I have some really fantastic giveaways coming up including See Kai Run and Flying Colors Baby. So, come over for yourself and find something you like in the Grab Bag!! Oh yea. And I know the meaning of life. Come to my blog and see if you can figure it out. ;)



  1. Lee Allport says:

    Yea! Hi Heather!!!

    Lee :)

  2. Hey Heather! Best of luck with the blog. :)

  3. hippos toes says:

    Hello Heather. It’s nice to learn alittle about people you know :). All my best to you :).

  4. Erin Tales says:

    Cant wait for the meaning of life post. LOL!

    I always thought it was 42. (I am such a geek – hitchhikers fans will get it…)

  5. Melinda-LookWhatMomFound says:

    hi Heather, congrats on the great success with your blog. HUGS

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