The Shorty Awards! We Topped out #mommybloggger!

Ohana Mama topped out the user generated category of #mommyblogger for The Shorty Awards! Thanks to our supporters! It looked like we were tied with @PKU for 2 votes (hey, I’ll take any accolades I can get…and that’s two people that took the time to nominate me, and that means A LOT to this MAMA! MAHALO!) But then I looked a there was another vote for @obanamamablog…I think this was a slip of the keyboard and it was meant for OhanaMamaBlog…so that means we got THREE votes and Topped that category! WOOHOO!

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The Shorty Awards, where users vote for “the best producers of short* content in 2008 *140 characters or less, on Twitter” are coming to a close and are in their final voting phase. Be sure to go support and vote for your faves at



  1. Susan M. Heim says:

    Congratulations! You deserve the accolades! I was pleased to see that I earned the #2 spot in the #parenting category: My twitter name is @ParentingAuthor. Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting!

  2. Erin Tales says:

    That’s awesome! You know I voted!

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