Introducing San Diego Mommy Spot!

I was born and raised in sunny Southern California. I went to college in San Diego and lived in North County San Diego, after graduating, for 7 years before moving to Maui. So to say that San Diego holds a dear and near place in my heart is well, an understatement. I heart San Diego!

San Diego Mommy Spot

Between you and me, I do get a bit home sick for SD from time to time (read, ALOT!) and am still a Chargers fan – so sad they lost over the weekend :(. But I’m excited that now I can head over to the new site, San Diego Mommy Spot to see what’s going on. Created by Nicole from Gidget Goes Home, and her friend, San Diego Mommy Spot has a newsletter, forum, even a spot for you to share your SD pics. And right now they are having their Big Launch Giveaway for local San Diegans or those that live nearby (very cool companies are involved, including OohLalaMama, a rocking San Diego company!)

So if you are a San Diego local or have a love for SD, like me, be sure to head on over and check it out (the site design is super duper cute!)! Best of luck to my friend, Nicole and the group over at San Diego Mommy Spot!



  1. nicole viola says:

    Thanks for the love! :)

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