Talking Story Tuesday with Patouchka from LalapooandStrollers

You know when you meet someone and you instantly think they are are cool and you hope to talk to them again? And then, when you talk to them a bit more you learn something new and even more cool about them? And then the next time you learn more and more and…and you think, wow?! Well, this is how I instantly felt about Patouchka.

Patouchka is new to blogging. And that’s great because I can read along as she shares just a little bit more about herself, one post at a time. It’s great to meet you Patouchka!

Please say aloha to Patouchka of LalapooandStrollers…

Tell us a bit about you – where are you blogging from (state), your family, hobbies, anything else you’d like to share to let us know a bit more about the woman behind the blog.

I currently (blog from and) live with my husband and my 2 girls (ages 5 and 3 months) in Montreal Canada, but I am originally from Haiti (the country that shares the same island with the Dominican Republic). I am on maternity leave right now. I really love to learn new languages although I only know 4 (French, English, Spanish, Creole).. I would love to learn Italian. I am also a newly devout yoga addict.

What’s the name and url of your blog?

Is there a story behind the name? How did you come up with it?

Some of my college friends used to call me touchkapoo and my first daughter’s nickname is lala…. I am sure you see where the “strollers” part come in.

What the focus of your blog – what’s it all about?

My blog is about ME, I know it sounds narcissistic; but my blog is about my thoughts as a mother, a wife, a friend,a sister.. so many times I have found myself putting ME after everyone else; well my blog is a tool to help me stay true to myself and to help in my journey of self-discovery.

How did you get started blogging?

I think I started lurking around blogs like GirlsGoneChild’s and The Silent K (a fellow canadian blogger).. I was also hanging out at and

Where do you blog? At your kitchen table? On the couch? Office? Share!

I blog in my bedroom/office/babyspace because that is where I spend most of my days right now.

Where’s your favorite place on the net to meet up with other bloggers?

Well, I like momversation and the secret is in the sauce blog… I blog hop a lot also.

Are you on Twitter? I am a twitter fanatic…tell us your Twitter name if you have one.

I just got on twitter after you sent me this…he he…I still don’t know how it works but my twitter name is @lalapoo

Anything else you’d like to share with us? Any upcoming promotions, life happenings??

I do not have any promotions or product previews scheduled for now, but in the future I am thinking of adding some great promotions and featuring a couple of products that I have used and loved. I also have an estore in the works with affordable articles for the average mom and tot.. but right now I am on cruise control if I may say, just taking it easy and enjoying every minute of it.



  1. growingupartists says:

    It was nice hearing more about you, Pat, especially your full name. You guys should add a video element to this TST…and remember Ohana Mama, all Canadians and North Dakotans have to show for themselves is SNOW. Make us jealous!

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