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by contributing writer, Erin

Hello Everyone! This is the Mom Buzz, ready to share some wonderful sites and posts I’ve read as I’ve travelled around the blogosphere! From cupcakes to Valentine’s contests, this is one sweet post!

I like to keep tabs on Look What Mom Found, because… never know what she’s found! From Etsy shops to wonderful products to sweets! And this latest find was too awesome to pass up! Cupcake Pops from Bakerella! It’s made with cake crumbs, reshaped into cupcakes. They look adorable and I bet they taste awesome.

So I looked further into Bakerella and found these for MOTHER’S DAY. It’s never to early to plan, eh? Take a look now on how to make them…you have 4 months to plan.

Last week on Ohana Mama I buzzed about this easy recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Donuts from Southern Plate. And just so you know, I made them and they were AWESOME and EASY. So, here is a new mouth-watering donut recipe – Boston Creme Pies. And while your at it, she also has a recipe for jelly-filled ones too!

Make a simple “heart man” for Valentines, courtesy Three Peas in a Pod! All you need are craft foam hearts, pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, fabric paint and glue!

Another heart-felt Valentines idea comes from No Time For Flash Cards. There you can learn how to make apple print Valentines!

I wanted to feature Aunti Di’s De-Lites, and her Etsy Store Hot Candles … Cool Jewels. Mostly, her logo caught my eye. A little heart with wings. How apropos for today’s theme. In her store you can find candles, soaps and jewelry – like this red hot ring! And her Firecracker Cinnamon Soy Wax candle just makes me think of those red hot candies you see passed around Valentine’s Day! You will totally want to check it out – and maybe melt it during a romantic date at home?!?

Valentine’s Day Give-Away at Grammy Janet’s Planet: Tiny Prints

Sweet Irie is having a CUPCAKE GIVE-AWAY! 10 Sellers – all Cupcakes. I have my button – do you?

But it is holiday related. I LOVE Nothing Like It and this chocolate Easter bunny coaster caught my eye. Ha! Check it out – you’ll love it!

The Mom Buzz has a few contests going on right now. Dirty Sue Martini Mix (come up with a recipe to enter!), LittleMissMatched Socks – 3 sets, 1 winner, Label Lighthouse, Giggleberry Creations and Over the Top Aprons.

And perfect for Valentine’s Day – Ohana Mama is giving away RUFFLEBUTTS! I LOVE THESE! Try to win one for your little love! Also check out Ohana Mama’s giveaways for Kids Safe Ink, safety tattoos and an awesome gift package from Olas books, the makers of great books to teach your kids about surfing and the ocean!

Don’t forget – EVERY SATURDAY I put up Mr. Linky at the Mom Buzz so you can share what you thought was buzzworthy! In the meantime, happy buzzing and lots of linky love!




  1. Melinda-LookWhatMomFound says:

    I have my cupcake button, i love me some cupcakes

  2. I saw those cupcake pops,,,aren’t they to die for?

  3. thanks for all the cool links!

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