Continuing the Momversation

So not sure if you know but I am loving Momversations. And lately I’ve been making my own videos in response to their chats. I thought why not share them on Ohana Mama and keep the convo going? So here is their latest video about scheduling our kiddos and my reply in video form (had to do it in two parts since my son was needing Mama.)

Enjoy, share your thoughts by leaving me a comment and Happy Saturday! (don’t mind my screnshots – they are a bit scary, but the content isn’t, lol)
(turn up the volume to hear it ;) )

Being Scheduled Take 1 from Sarah Burns on Vimeo.

Being Scheduled Part Due from Sarah Burns on Vimeo.



  1. growingupartists says:

    You are so good! Can’t get enough of the island life, enjoying your debut!

  2. PeekabooPicks says:

    I love your vlogging! I’ve been thinking about starting a vlog too…we’ll see :)

    We are completely unscheduled here…although my kids are still pretty little…ask me again in a few years and I’m sure it will be a different story!

  3. Lara and Jay says:

    First, I LOVE seeing yout vlogs. (and W. says “Hi Auntie Sawahh!!) in daycare 5 days a week and they have a regular routine w/music, gym time, free play, outdoor time, nap, lunch, snack, etc. It’s a well-run machine. On the weekends we keep the same schedule only in terms of eating and napping. All 3 of us spend so much time being so scheduled during the week that we don’t do much on the weekends at all.

    Winston does have soccer class on Saturday mornings. I know he’s interested in it b/c he talks about it during the week and asks about it as the day gets closer. I’d like to get him back in the pool b/c he’s clear about loving the water. I don’t know that I’d put him into something if I didn’t have a clear idea that he liked it. But I don’t think we’ll do both activities in the same weekend. We’ll probably choose one activity at a time – at least until the point that W can tell me that he wants both.
    Mwah, we miss you! keep these vlopgs comin’!

  4. omg. This made me miss you guys so much! Carter is throwing a mean football, and tearing up the guitar too!! I miss you guys!

  5. Really enjoying the Vlogs! It’s nice to put a face and personality behing a blog. We are chillers too. The only thing scheduled at this time is preschool 2 days a week. Next year though, I’d like to have my 5 yr old in kindergarten and maybe a dance class, but we’ll see how it goes.

  6. The Kellers says:

    we are total chillers here too!

    jack, my three year old, goes to preschool four days a week. that’s enough for us for now. we are not ones to have to run here at 3 and be there by 5… we like to do what we want to do, when we want to do it.

    if the kids are interested in doing an activity, that’s fine. the limit will probably be two at a time. i’d hate to limit them to one activity, but we live out in the country and i don’t want to be running all over hell’s creation all the time.

    your vlogs are so much fun sarah! you are so cute!

  7. stephanie says:


    love the vlogs!!

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