5 Simple Ways to Make “You” Time

A couple of week’s ago I (Sarah) did a vlogg on how I spend “me” time. Here’s a wonderful list on ways for you to chill out. I love it. So simple but such smart ideas (And cheap too! Gotta love that!)

Written by contributing writer, Tori.

As women, moms, and wives, we often find ourselves doing several things at once. And free time? What’s that, right?! For many of us, it seems like there is always something that just has to be done; that just can’t wait. Well, I want to tell you it can and it should! The next time you find yourself with “free” time and are about to clip coupons, switch the laundry, or check your emails STOP! Yes, those things do need to be done at some point I know, but for now just trust me. Do one of these 5 simple things instead (come on, just this once). Even though they may not be the most thrilling or glamorous things-they are sure to lift your mood, even if just a bit. Don’t stress, the coupons can be clipped later.

1. Paint your toe nails. Yes, paint them. I don’t care if it is winter and no one sees them-paint them. Trust me.

2. Visit your closet. We so often run to our closet and grab something to pull on as we run out the door to school drop off. Remember when you used to take an hour to get ready, trying on top after top? Go ahead- change your clothes. Oh… and take your time!

3. Make a smoothie. Yes, I know you probably remember to eat (I sure hope so). But how often do you make something YOU want to eat? If you’re like me you probably just make an extra PB&J in the afternoon for yourself right? Make something for yourself, not just what the kiddos are requesting.

4. Walk to the mailbox. It doesn’t matter if it is at the end of your driveway or a block away, why not take a stroll and check the mail today? I know that I usually drive up to it, grab, and go. This will force you to take a stroll even if it is a short one.

5. Watch TV! Yes, I said it. For me this is hard because I often think of what else I could be doing. But let me tell you, sit back and watch your favorite 30 minute sitcom (for me it is Friends- hands down) and your mood will surly change. Sometimes we have to force ourselves sit back and relax.

These are just 5 ways I suggest you take some “you” time this week. But really, the point is to make time for a bit of relaxation time- even if for only 30 minutes. The house will still be standing and the children will be safe, I promise!

Share with us your favorite ways to use your “free” time (and don’t say to clean, please!

Tori is Editor and Chief of Thoughtfully Simple Magazine. Wife, Mom, Friend, and Hostess by instinct. Need inspiration? She’s got it! She brings you fabulous ideas, tips, and resources to get your party started. Inspiration for your big day, your everyday, and all the {days} in between. So ladies, get your ‘hostess’ on!



  1. nicole viola says:

    oh man, if you only knew how long I’ve been wanting to paint my toenails!

  2. Leann Underwood says:

    Buy yourself a little 4-piece box of really good chocolate. In a quiet place, with your eyes closed, eat 1 piece. Take the time to really enjoy it. Repeat the next day. :)

  3. FRIENDS are my fave reruns! I need to concentrate on visiting my closet. I’m horrible about that.

  4. Ohana Mama says:

    I actually do forget to eat, haha! And I eat the kids leftovers (as in what they left on their plate…yum, huh?!) SO I love the idea of making something for YOU to eat!

    And I’m a fan of Friends reruns too :)

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