Peek Into Paradise…Peaceful Palm

One of our palms, isn’t she a beauty.



  1. growingupartists says:

    Only thing more beautiful would be a palm tree blowing in the wind. Though I grant you, those colors are amazing!!

  2. NateAndJakesMom says:

    Oh, you are killing me!! I live in the stinkin’ snow!!

  3. Great picture, brings back so many memories when we were in Hawaii!! Might be coming back in August, can’t wait.

  4. OK…. it snowed here yesterday!! Now that’s just down right MEAN…to post that picture….haaaaaaaa.
    It is beautiful.

  5. Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    Very pretty indeed!

  6. Man, I miss palm trees so much.. I grew up in the caribbean and only moved here 5 years ago.. I think I am ready to go back!

  7. I love our palms,but they are a pain to trim!! They keep banging on our son’s windown as they grow bigger!! Have agreat WW!!

  8. Everyone has these lovely Hawaii pics up today!! So jealous!

  9. Uhhh…YES SHE IS! i have some palms too, but mine are FL palms…just not the same as yours. ♥

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