The Mommy Brain Epidemic – What’s your medicine?

Another great topic at Momversations today, Mommy Brain. And here’s my take on it with a question for all of you! Happy Friday!

The Mommy Brain Epidemic – what’s your medicine? from Sarah Burns on Vimeo.



  1. nicole viola says:

    I keep a binder that helps me stay organized but it can still get out of control sometimes. :)
    My daughter liked watching your recent vlogs with me this morning.

  2. Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    My brain is so spazzed that I forget I’m actually organized 9 times out of 10. I have a great little momAgenda book for appointments, notes on the fridge, scribbles of notes all over my desk…but then I lose them. ahhhh

  3. growingupartists says:

    iPod Touch…that sounds interesting. Make that eight.

  4. growingupartists says:

    Only six comments…? Well, seven with me. This post was a Masterpiece. You looked gorgeous!

  5. Use my iPod Touch for my grocery lists (Grocery IQ) and my to-do list and then Google calendar which will email reminders as well as do pop-ups.

    For the kids I have a school binder for all the paperwork that they bring home – categorized in page protectors – class newsletter, classroom rules, papers to sign (marked with bright yellow post-it), etc. and then a few pens to sign things with. Just started it this year and it has helped a lot!

  6. you are a rockstar! man youre totally inspiring me to want to vlog.

    i use ical and stickies on the computer. and then i forgive myself when i forget the rest!

  7. growingupartists says:

    That is perfect!!! I love the ROCK STAR MOMMY BRAIN…that is so true!

  8. I use a combo of a dry erase board and my calendar on my phone that will go off to remind me of things hours or days before. I also make lists…of course! lol What Mommy doesn’t?!?!?!

  9. I;m so glad I’m not the only one out there with momnesia! Great vlog by the way!

  10. I use a combination of my computer, a whiteboard in the kitchen, and my MDA. But I STILL forget things every once in a while…

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