DaBib is da cool! Review & Giveaway

I am swimming in laundry. With a new self-feeder, her shirts, and many times, shorts don’t last long before they are covered in food that missed her mouth. Yes, I put a bib on but it seem the food falls behind it. I even find food bits in her diaper by her belly button. So the food is actually making it IN and UNDER her shirt. My poor wahine.

Well, she will suffer no more! Now that we have DaBib, she’s covered, literally! It has a soft collar that falls flush against her neck so no food goes behind the bib. It also has a lip at the bottom where food that doesn’t make it quite into her mouth can land so her shorts stay clean. And best of all I can wipe it off with a sponge afterward or throw it in the laundry.

Check out these great features! From DaBib…

  • Scrunch collar keeps liquids from getting under the bib, reducing stains and frequent changing
  • Food pouch catches crumbs and drips – hidden on the back of the bib when not in use
  • Uni-collar attaches in front, easy to put on and take off
  • Extra large hour glass shape protects infants through toddlers
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, lead-free
  • Not only are these bibs genius but the makers make these really great videos to show you just how great they are…check this one out…

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    Mahalo to DaBib! http://www.dabib.com

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    1. heather clark says:

      Love those stripes, my sister’s little guy could definitely use one of these!!

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    4. i like the yellow dahugs.

    5. I like the DaGiggles in signature stripe. I love that Pasta face video. It really made me laugh. Thank you. I am going back to see the other video.

    6. I would like the blue DaHugs.



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      I love the DaBib DaHugs style – Solid Blue!


    9. I am an email subscriber.

    10. I like DaGiggles in Signature Stripe.

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