The Shandle, Toilet Seat Handle

The Shandle is one of those products you never knew you needed. Or thought you needed but didn’t think it existed. Well it does, and thank goodness! Now that we’ve had it on our toilet for a couple of weeks, I don’t know what we did before.

Actually I DO know what we did. What used to happen, was my son, the good boy that he is, would have to grab the seat to put it up and then touch it again to put it down. Ewwww! (no matter how clean I try to make it, it’s still a toilet seat!)

Thankfully I found The Shandle. It’s a piece of plastic that you attach to your toilet seat via a sticky backing. It sticks out just far enough for you or your child to use it as a handle to lift the seat and to put it down. On The Shandle is a cute character with a message to teach your kids what to do in the bathroom. Things such as put the seat down and wash your hands.

The Shandle was super easy for me to put on – took all of two seconds. And super easy to teach my child to use. Now it’s just a normal part of his bathroom routine. And the best part is that it’s antimicrobial so no germs will grow on it.

The Shandle is also available in more adult themed handles so there’s something for every bathroom!

The winners are…#2 and #18! Congrats!


  1. deedleweedle says:

    I really like the giraffe.

  2. Casey Becher says:

    I would get the one that says “Flush When Finished.” I wish that came in a kids’ design.

  3. kathy pease says:

    im a subscriber :)

  4. kathy pease says:

    i like The Natural

  5. mom2anutball says:

    Im an email subscriber!]
    hawkgirl_16 at hotmail dot com

  6. mom2anutball says:

    I like the Giraffe is Lost in the Woods!!
    hawkgirl_16 at hotmail dot com

  7. I would love a Dancing Chicken Shandle. Not only are we having a little boy who will need potty training, I hate putting the seat down after my husband’s sleepy night time toilet use! Great for my whole family! =)

  8. Great idea! I like the blue swirls.

  9. Leaping Frog

  10. MommaGambina says:

    I’d like the Butterflies and Flowers Shandle.

    Thank you! :)

  11. this is such a great idea!! i like the monkey loves bananas:) thanks!

  12. justicecw says:

    I like the flower power pattern. thanks,

  13. Thomas Semesky says:

    I’d chose THE BIRD ON A WIRE.

  14. This is such a clever idea! I just love that monkey. So cute.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  15. C and C girl says:

    There are so many cute ones, I decided to go with a kids theme, I love the monkeys loves bananas

  16. Heather M says:

    I would get the Replace as Needed (with the Toilet paper) I joke to my Fiance all the time and Say “If you don’t replace the toilet paper roll, you’re sleeping outside” It’s a joke but I think he’d get a kick out of this hanging on the toilet seat! Thanks


  17. Great Idea! I like the Blue Swirl!

  18. I like the butterflies and flowers!

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