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10 Things You Never Knew About Ohana Mama

First, I get this question from time to time..."What is 'ohana'? Well, Ohana can mean family. Or a community of like minded people with a common goal. A house or home. Or it can mean the feeling of ohana...meaning inclusive, welcoming, loving. I try to be an Ohana Mama with everything I do and I love to find cool things for your ohana, or family, home and community on my blog. You, my readers, are part of my ohana...aloha and mahalo!And we wouldn't be ohana if you didn't know just a bit more … [Read more...]

Buying Glasses Just Got Easier..Seeing is Believing! {closed}

We all want more time, right? I know I do and that is why I love it when I find a solution to something that I need that saves me time. Well is a fabulous solution for those that need eye glasses, or just sunglasses, but want to save time by buying online.When I went to try, my first thought was "how will I know they fit?" After all, I can't try them on like I do at the doctor's office. But I was surprised to find that they allow you to upload a pic of … [Read more...]

A Must See! Cool Baby Kid’s Ultimate Baby Gift Guide

Cissy over at Cool Baby Kid has done it again - I honestly don't know how she has time to do all the awesome things she puts together (she's the mastermind behind Blog Popz, of which Ohana Mama is one of the "stores" Popz are just around the corner, so stay tuned!)Cool baby Kid has put together The Ultimate Baby Gift Guide with some help from top bloggers - check out Ohana Mama's contribution, none other than the famed and loved Patemm Pad!Go check out this fabulous list of cool finds for … [Read more...]

Host a Hawaiian Themed Party…the Thoughtfully Simple Way

by contributing writer, Tori from Thoughtfully SimpleWhen Ohana Mama asked if I had any fabulous Hawaiian inspired party ideas to share, I was so excited to put some ideas together!If you are hosting a party soon {whether it be a birthday or just a get-together}, why not add some Hawaiian flare? Adding tropical touches can really set the mood of your party. Instead of throwing your typical Luau themed party {you know with those plastic leis} try adding just a few Hawaiian inspired touches. This … [Read more...]

You Can Make This! No really, you can! {giveaway!}

I'm going to share a little secret with you..come closer...ok, here goes....I am domestically challenged! Yes, there, I said it. I don't cook - did you realize I said "don't" not "can't"? I think I could be a really good cook but I just don't cook...very often (for the record I do make a yummy Coconut Curry Shrimp!). And I am not the best of house cleaners. I do try my best though...hubby may say that's not good enough, lol...truth be told he is a far better cook and cleaner that I (who knew … [Read more...]