Can’t talk now…I’m whitening my teeth

No seriously, I am using Rembrandt’s 2 Hours Whitening Kit as I write this so I literally cannot talk. But I also can’t keep quiet so I am talking with my fingers through blogging, ha!

So far this process is super easy! I feel like I’ve gotten a trip to the dentist without having to go to the scary dentist (yes I am a dentist-phobe!). The kit can be done in 2 Hours..not 2 weeks like many of the whitening strips take, but 2 HOURS! AND I am at home and doing this while my little girls sleep – so perfect!

this is me, no makeup and whitening my teeth…so glamourous!

Here’s how it works…

You get a tray that has two “comfy trays” – like mouth guards- that you can customize to fit the shape of your teeth using just hot water One you make them custom to you, you fill them with the whitening gel – they make it super no brainer for you – each application comes in one tube – for a total of 8 tubes (4 for the top teeth, 4 for the bottom). Pop the comfy tray in your mouth and leave on for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, take them out, rinse them and your mouth with water and wait 10 minutes. Let your teeth chill out for a bit.

After a ten minute wait you apply the next tube to both top and bottom trays and pop them back in for 20 minutes. You do this 4 times, with ten minute breaks in between each application. Seems easy enough and I am able to do this and whiten my teeth while my little girl is taking her nap! How awesome is that?!

Super great bonuses:
1. The whitening gel does not taste bad at all! I’ve had some that have made me wretch. This is nice, and light
2. It doesn’t hurt. I’ve also tried others that burned my gums or actually hurt my teeth. So far so good with Rembrandt’s 2 Hour Whitening Kit!
3. Like I said above, I am at home, my daughter is sleeping, and no scary dentist is involved (sorry dentists – I know you are nice but your instruments are not!)

Right now you can get a $5 off coupon on the Rembrandt site for your own kit.

Whiten With Me! Giveaway! {Closed}
Rembrandt is letting me give away one 2 hour whitening kit to a lucky Ohana Mama reader!

How to enter:
Let’s make this fun…leave a story of why you want this kit…are you coffee-aholic or soda lover (like me?!), going to a reunion of sorts, taking special pics or in a wedding? Or you just want to look hot at the playground…let us know! Also be sure to go to Rembrandt and check out their other awesome products for making your smile beautiful!

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  1. I subscribed by email.

  2. I want this great kit because I’m addicted to soda and could use some teeth whitening.

  3. I subscribe



  5. I was only about 30 and my son was 4 when he told me my teeth were orange! They are not but I guess theirs are so white that mine seem that way. This should help!

  6. I like coffee and soda.

  7. I would like to try this product out because I am both a soda lover and a coffee lover and my teeth really could use a good whitening. I think this product would really help my teeth to look better. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  8. RoyalCheryl says:

    I just want to be able to smile and have whiter looking teeth. People do notice a great white smile. Thank You.

  9. Samantha P says:

    i drink a lot of tea so that has a lot to do with it, and it would be nice to just have whiter teeth for the fun of it!

  10. I am now a follower. :-)

  11. I drink at least two diet sodas a day. I have a cruise coming up this summer, so I’m hoping to dazzle while walking the decks. :-)

  12. I drink loads of coffee and a glass of red wine every now and my teeth have been discolored as a result. I’d love some help!

  13. Clayton S. Taylor says:

    drink too many diet cokes :(

  14. I have had several root canals that have stained my teeth. One especially is my very front tooth. EWWW how embarrassing. So i would love to try this product.

  15. I am willing to give teeth whitening a try as long as it doesn’t taste bad. I don’t want to trigger my gag reflex.

  16. joni chadwell says:

    I have hit 49nand nice white teeth make you look so much younger. Years of coffee and flouride when I was a kid didn’t help

  17. Would be great to Un-Dew some Mountain Dew damage! Thanks!!

  18. I spent five years in braces and I will not have these old yellow teeth!

  19. I’m a subscriber!

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