Is your heart a-Twitter?! FREE Twitter Webinar…grow your biz or readers!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Twitter (follow me! @ohana_mama)! It’s my go to for interaction when I need a break, to share news, share pics, get fast advice, you name it. BUT, I do often wonder, “Am I doing this thing right?” I mean, the last thing I want to do is piss someone off or dare I say…be a spammer of information. For all I know I am making a bunch of mistakes…I definitely do not want to use my all time fave social networking site in the wrong way!

However, lucky lucky me, I work with a Twitter and Social Networking Guru (my words, not hers…she’s way too modest, but let me tell you, she is THE BOMB!), Laura Roeder. And Lucky YOU! She is holding a FREE, yeah FREE!, webinar tomorrow called…

“Are You Making One These Three Major Twitter Mistakes?”

Here’s the scoop from Laura…
Who: You! And me! (I’m Laura Roeder, @lkr on twitter)

What: “Are You Making One of These Three Major Twitter Mistakes?” a webinar revealing the mis-steps that well-meaning entrepreneurs (and yes, that means bloggers too!) make on twitter

Where: Your living room, basement, office, couch or local starbucks

When: Live on Thursday, Febuary 12 at 2pm PST/5 PM EST

Price: FUH-REE!

How: Sign up today and you’re in!

Hope to see you all there! I’ll be listening and learning from my living room…I just might grab a Starbucks to go…

Thanks Laura for this awesome webinar!

Oh and there’s more…I told you SHE ROCKS! She also has a weekly tip that gets blasted to your email every Wednesday – tips on social media and how to do things right. The tips take no time and she usually offers a video showing you EXACTLY what to do. So so easy!

I’m upping my online game, are you?!


  1. NateAndJakesMom says:

    I am always a day late and a dollar short. I will be on the look out for another one of these!

  2. nicole viola says:

    if Chiquita cooperates nap-wise, I’ll be there! Just signed up!

  3. Victoria Arya says:

    Cool. I signed up for it. Thanks for the post!

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