The Balancing Act

tandem surfing, the ultimate balancing act

I feel like I am in a balancing act…it’s called life. We all are right?

From simple things of balancing drinking coke with also drinking enough water. To bigger things of balancing my time on the Internet and spending time cleaning. I know that these two things in particular are out of balance. And I so desperately want to do something about it.

So what am I doing? I am going to GET BALANCED! I am going to set guidelines for myself…and stick to them. One coke (my daily habit) MUST get balanced by drinking my 8 glasses of water, which sadly I do not even come close to doing. My one hour of time on the Internet means spending 1 hour cleaning. I WILL DO IT!

I look around and see that while the toys are in the baskets I’ve put out for them, they are a jumbled mess. My laundry pile is out of control. My paperwork is resembling Mount Everest. My head aches are surely caused by lack of H2O and eating a balanced diet. Yes, I need to get balance!

So, coming this Spring, Ohana Mama is getting organized, doing some Spring Cleaning and getting back in balance! Look soon for me to share horrific pics of my trouble spots in my tiny beach house (I blame most of the clutter on my house being as small as it is, but I know better, that’s no excuse)

This post is me telling the world that I will be getting my schtuff together! I figure if I post it, it will have to happen!

Call for Specialists!
If you are a company specializing in getting organized or cleaning or a life coach or a blog that specializes in getting balance, cleaning, getting organized, I want to hear from you! Email me at

Stay tuned everyone…Ohana Mama (me, Sarah) is getting in balance, getting healthy in mind, body and home! Spring will be a fresh new start!

Anyone with me? Do you share any of these feelings of feeling out of control and overwhelmed with clutter – both in your mind and in your house? Leave a comment! Let’s do this together!


  1. I definitely feel the same way. We all need more balance in our lives.

    p.s. You won an award on my blog ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing! I so feel this way, and I really need to get organized too. I’ll look forward to reading what tips you have!

  3. Courtney-Gift Mommy says:

    I’m so with you on this one!

  4. Sage and Savvy says:

    I definitely can relate…can’t wait to see how everything works out for you.

    Hopefully I’ll get inspired to get myself organized and find balance in my own life=).

  5. Funny you should mention the WATER/COKE issue. I am actually making myself drink 24 oz before drinking a pepsi or coke.

    I have cut back a lot because of it too.


  6. Oh I feel ya! I am in the same boat. My laundry pile is threatening to swallow me up… I better go get on on that now…

  7. Victoria Arya says:

    I look forward to it. You aren’t the only one who needs to find some balance!

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