Helpful Hints From Ohana Mama: Creating a “Grab Button”

This new feature on Ohana Mama was inspired by my friend Courtney from Giftfully Simple. I love to help others any which way I can. So when I get an email asking a how or where or what now?, I am always eager to help with advice or solutions or how-to’s. Well Courtney emailed me for a helpful hint and she said… “You should start answering my questions on your blog. I’m sure there are plenty of other bloggers out there that are just starting and have questions just like I have…”

Well, ask and you shall receive! So this is my first helpful hint, a question I get emailed about quite a lot so here ya go!

Helpful Hints From Ohana Mama: Creating a “Grab Button”
A “Grab Button” (not sure if that’s the technical term but let’s just call it that) is a super easy way for others to help spread the news of a party or carnival you are hosting on your blog, spread the word of your site around the blogosphere and create branding of your site. You can use the button that you put up as your entrecard advertisement as well…you can see mine in my sidebar. When you make your button grab-able, it’s a piece of html that allows others to easily copy and then paste into their own site. So how in the world do you make one?

Easy Peasy!

First: Create a button. The common size is 125×125 pixels. You can make one yourself – I did one in Word or in Photobucket directly or go to one of these awesome ladies and have them make one for you for a small fee: Kim at What’s That Smell, Sydney at Sidder Bug Creations or Rachel at Blog Candy Designs – there are more but these are the few I’ve actually worked with and they all ROCK!

Second: Upload the new graphic to an online photo storage – I use Photobucket.

Third…Make your button “Grab-able”!

Here is the code for creating a Grab-able button on a Blogger blog. Go to your blog, under layout or customize, add a gadget (html one) then post this code… (change the parts where you see my notes regarding your URL, Blog Name and Photobucket Link – be sure to leave the quotation marks around those items)
<a href=”Putyoursite’sURLhere” target=”_blank”><img alt=”PutYourBlogNameHere” src=”TheDirectLinkToWhereYourButtonIsOnPhotobucketGoesHere”/></a>

<form><textarea rows=”6″ cols=”20″><a href=”Putyoursite’sURLhere” target=”_blank”><img alt=”PutYourBlogNameHere” src=”TheDirectLinkToWhereYourButtonIsOnPhotobucketGoesHere”/></a>

Hit Save and you should have your Grag Button in your sidebar!

Wanna put someone elses button in your side bar?
On blogger: copy the code in the box under their button. Go to your blog, then to “customize”, click on add gadget, choose the html option, paste the code and save. Vuola!

Any questions? Leave a comment!

Did you create a button using these instructions? Leave a comment and share so we can all go see!

Stay tuned for more super simple but super useful helpful hints from Ohana Mama! Until then…Aloha!


  1. I was able to get the top portion of the button to work, but the code will not work. It will not click back to my blog, saying the domain is not found, and has a few extra >/ behind it when I go to test the button grab code. Cany you think of anyway that might help me fix the problem?

  2. I am a total idiot when it comes to this kind of stuff but i got it to work woo hoo! thanks a million

  3. Thanks so much! This was my second tutorial for making a button grab code box, and after a few tries, it worked. So much better than the first one, which I followed over and over for 2 hours before giving up and finding this one. Hurray! Grab box code complete and working!!

  4. You rock! Thanks!

  5. Oh Wow! It worked! It worked! Not only did I make a button, I also put your blog button on my blog! WooHoo…I am excited! :)

  6. Hello again! I need to ask a question, when I put the cold into my blogger layout, it switches everything around, adds ” ” to lots of stuff and when people copy and paste it on to their blog, it doesn’t work right. Any suggestions??

    I tried to get the code as close to the one you have hear and it still isn’t working. Maybe I’m doing something wrong???

    Sorry to bug you about this. :)

  7. Oh THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I’ve been dying to know how to do this FOREVER!!! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. Thank you! Thank you! :) :) :)

  8. YEAH…I did it!!!
    Thanks a million!

  9. UNBELIEVABLE…If I can do this, anyone can. Thanks for another great tip. Now, if I can just make someone want to grab my butt…on.

  10. I had no idea how to put a button on my sidebar til I read this! Thanks so much! You really helped me out!

  11. The POSHpreneur says:

    OK I just copy/pasted and gav you props and linky love!! :)

    Hope that is ok

  12. The POSHpreneur says:

    Great!! Hey–you know you could also post these on The Launchpad!!

  13. I am going to try to make one myself, I am in the process of revamping my blog..
    thanks a bunch!

  14. Courtney-Gift Mommy says:

    Great post! I’m sure a lot of people are going to appreciate you for it! Next…what IS Entrecard? and What are its benefits?

  15. Very helpful tip, wish I’d seen it before Christmas when I was trying to make one. (I eventually figured it out through trial and error)

  16. Are you stealing my shtick from the dash??? You are gonna put me out of business!

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