Leg Huggers Keeping Your Little One Warm and Stylish

Recently we were lucky enough to try a pair of Leg Huggers for my little girl. Teal with Popsicles all over them, these Leg Hugger are an adorable addition to my daughter’s wardrobe. What I especially love about them is that they are made of bamboo so they naturally breathe. I also love that they are light weight – perfect for Hawaii – yet substantial enough for my daughter to wear to bed to keep her legs warm. On a really cold night (it’s all relative, right?) I’ve put the Leg Huggers on underneath a pair of pajama bottoms. With kids and babies, it’s all about layers and these are the perfect weight and fabric for layering. I love that the tops of these leg warmers aren’t too tight around my daughter’s legs. They are silky smooth and seem ultra comfortable for her.

Here’s what really impressed me about Leg Huggers….

All Leg <span class=Huggers”> are created specifically for cute and cuddly legs. They are made using sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo. Bamboo has unique, inherent properties making it a beautiful and luxurious product. Know of its drape and silky feel, Leg <span class=Huggers”> hug the legs in comfort. They provide a natural UV protection along with an anti-bacterial and moisture wicking properties. Bamboo is hypo-allergenic, making it non-irritating for sensitive skin.

Leg Huggers are perfect when your little one is in diapers, is crawling, on up to potty training. They also make adorable arm warmers for the older kids. Available in tons of patterns, you are sure to find a pair, or two or three, that are perfect for your little wahine. Available at http://www.leghuggers.com/.


  1. Courtney-Gift Mommy says:

    So freaking adorable! I have to get a few pairs for my girls!

  2. So cute for little girls!

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