Ohana Mama’s Monday Hula Shake Around The Blogosphere

Happy Monday! It’s time to get our hula shake on! Here’s how it works…

Ohana Mama will have 1 featured site that we think is shakin’. Then you can share, in Mr. Linky, your upcoming giveaways, funny posts from last week, latest promotion, you name it! This goes for mom businesses too – please please share your latest sale or new items in your store!

Here is Ohana Mama’s pick to start off this week’s Hula Shake Around the Blogosphere...

OnTray, a mom-invented product, makes going to the grocery store easier, and we’d all love that, right?! OnTray is a container that can hold snacks for your little ones or coupons for you, that easily snaps onto the handlebar of the cart.

Made of BPA-free plastic, this container can easily be carried in your purse en route to the store, is dishwasher and microwave safe and it comes in a great selection of colors.

Visit http://www.ontray2go.com/ to buy yours today or check out your local grocery store on your next trip…they sell this genius product in our local Safeway store in the snack and baby aisle.

So OnTray is my pick for this week! Now it’s your turn! Share your great posts, latest giveaway(s) or promotion(s) below in Mr Linky. Be sure to visit each other, leave comments, make it a grand hula shake accross the blogosphere! Share the Aloha!

Have a shakin’ week everyone! If you participate in Ohana Mama’s Monday Hula Shake around the Blogosphere and care to spread the aloha, grab our Shakin’ button!

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  1. This is awesome! Love the purdy button!

  2. I’ve seen these before. They look pretty helpful.

  3. Shannon says:

    I am adding your button to my side bar for the hula shake. :) Thanks!

  4. The Mom Jen says:

    Thanks for hosting, I grabbed your button for my review blog!

  5. Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe says:

    What a super cool product!!! Love it

  6. www.bubbleheadcreations.com says:

    This is really neat! I just ordered some for my kids and my niece’s! I think that this is going to be great even for my older ones who don’t eat while we are out an about but they do love to write and color!!

  7. Cindy C. says:

    This is SUCH a good idea. It’s one of those…why didn’t I think of that things. Any mom who shops with kids needs this. I’ve given two to new mom’s. Both exclaimed “What a great idea! I love this!”

  8. Marianna says:

    OnTray is such a great idea! I could use a few of these!

    Thanks for the linky Sarah!

  9. I totally need this OnTray. My daughter likes to dump the snack tray when we’re out and about.

  10. Maestra Jen says:

    OnTray is such a cool product! I love it! Such a life saver when you are trying to get your shopping done.

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