Talking Story Tuesday with the ‘Why Moms Matter’ Creators Josh & Rebecca Unfried of MomFaves and Danielle Smith of

I’m very excited to be talking story today with Josh & Rebecca Unfried of MomFaves and Danielle Smith of Together this wonderful team is launching ‘Why Moms Matter,’ a program and BlogTalk Radio show celebrating moms. The first show starts this Friday 3/6. Let’s talk story and learn a bit more about ‘Why Moms Matter.’

Aloha Danielle, Josh and Rebecca!

What a wonderful new program you guys are doing! Can you tell us how this idea of honoring moms on “Why Moms Matter?” came about?

For Rebecca and Josh – The Why Moms Matter Project was born out of a love for Josh’s mom, Norma, who passed away in 2004. It is clear that Norma mattered, not only in the lives of her children, but for her husband, friends and family as well. They all recognize that all of the ‘ordinary moments’ in her life compiled to make her extraordinary. Recognizing other mothers for this same kind of love and affection they put in to their families seemed like a natural step.

Josh, Rebecca and Danielle found each other only a short time ago, but Danielle’s desire to remind moms of the ‘extraordinary within’, as well as her background in Television and Radio made her an ideal fit for the WhyMomsMatter Project. Danielle started for the express purpose of helping moms to see that everything they do for their families, on their very best and very worst days, makes them extraordinary.

What is the format of your show when you honor these moms?

Our goal is to highlight a new mom each week. We will interview the mom we have selected and/or the person who nominated them. We think it will be amazing to hear what makes moms ‘extraordinary’ in the eyes of those who love them. Also, each week, we will give our listeners the opportunity to call in to chat with us and we will continue to see new and fabulous ordinary, extraordinary moms.

What makes up an Extraordinary Mom? Any criteria to be met?

No criteria. We know that ‘ordinary lives, extraordinary ways’ can be interpreted in many ways and we like that. We aren’t only looking for mothers with terrific challenges – we do want to know what makes the ‘ordinary’ life of a mom ‘extraordinary’ in their loved one’s eyes.

Do the moms that are nominated have to be bloggers? Could they be a more “seasoned” moms or a grandmother?

They absolutely do NOT have to be bloggers. And yes, bring on the (seasoned) moms and grandmothers.

Your show will be every Friday, right? What time will it be on so we can all be sure to catch it?

Yes, every Friday. 12:30 Pacific, 2:30 Central at . Right now, we have scheduled the show for 30 minutes, but are planning to expand as we gain momentum.

I can’t wait to listen to this show on Friday!
Hope you will all join me!

Do you know of an ordinary mom that’s extraordinary? Nominate them!
Just visit the ‘
Why Moms Matter’ site.

Mahalo to Joshua, Rebecca and Danielle for taking the time to talk story with us!


  1. growingupartists says:

    I’m so glad you covered them, I’ve been waiting for the debut of MomFaves into the greater Mom-net community. They have a great motivation, LOVE the homage to Josh’s mom. And the networking simply because it makes everyone’s lives easier…more time to spend with family and children.

    They’ve acquired so many incredible links and recommendations on their site, I’ve dug through before, but can hardly wait for all of those goodies to be organized in a Mom-friendly format.

    Maybe it’s changed since I’ve been there, but so many women were interested in contributing. It can only take off!!!

    P.S. Josh and Rebecca always respond with personalized emails, in fact they called me visionary. Way to keep your patrons enthused!!!

  2. ExtraordinaryMommy says:

    Thank you so much Sarah! I am thrilled to be working with Josh and Rebecca on this project! Honoring Moms feels fantastic and I’m looking forward to meeting many new and fascinating women.

    Thank you for sharing our vision and spreading the word. I am so grateful!


  3. Josh and Rebecca (MomFaves) says:

    Thank you Sarah! This project is one of the most significant things I can think to be part of since my mom passed in 2004.

    You have honored all moms and even the memory of mine with this post and we are so grateful.

    Look forward to discovering why moms matter together.




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