Ohana Mama is Looking for Companies to Partner with at BlogHer 09!

I bought my entry to BlogHer 09 in Chicago! And let me tell you, I am so excited! July can’t come soon enough! BlogHer is one of the more influential and most talked about conferences in the blogging world. And I will be there…Will your company be represented?

Ohana Mama wants to be YOUR partner!

A little background…
Since starting Ohana Mama back in June 2008 I have met some fantastic people and companies! I have been blessed to be part of some great sites and I now write for MomDot.com, Peekaboo Picks and the Family Review Network. I am also part of Blog Spark, Moms Select and TwitterMoms. I have worked with some fantastic start up companies run by moms as well as some big guys like Gerber, General Mills and most recently, Quaker as one of their 25 bloggers in their ’25 Bloggers in 25 Days’ campaign.

Day after day (and night after long night) I put my heart, head and sweat into making Ohana Mama the best it can be – for my readers and for the companies I work with. And I LOVE IT! I love using my background in public relations and marketing to help spread the message of cool companies throughout the blogosphere. Because I focus primarily on sharing cool finds with my readers I feel it’s only natural for me to go to BlogHer representing a company or companies.

But why would a company want to sponsor a blogger for BlogHer 09?

The movement towards online media, blogs included, is happening and it’s happening fast! Gone are the days of good old fashioned journalism. And with this move is an even bigger movement…MOM BLOGGERS. Give us moms a computer, blog and watch out! Big things can happen!

Have you ever noticed that when one mom on the playground has a cool shirt on her little one, the other moms are quick to ask, “where did you get it?” Or when we moms see a cool looking stroller being pushed down the walkway, we are not shy to stop the other Mom and ask how they like it? And you know what, us Moms are NOT afraid to tell them our opinion…the good, the bad and the ugly.

Now take that “on the street review” and put it on a blog. Now, potentially millions can see what we think about a product. If a mom endorses a product, it better be good. I know when I find a review by a mom on her blog I listen…even more than any review on the company’s site. It definitely impacts my buying decision. And I am not alone.

So back to Blogher and why you need a representative at the conference…

A) Let’s talk money…Partially sponsoring me as your representative to BlogHer is cheaper than you sending someone from your company. This proposal is what I like to call, “recession-ista style”…I am wanting to take on a handful of great companies, each contributing $200.

B) Your competitors WILL be there. Whether themselves or more likely through a blogger as their sponsor. They will get their message out over the two day conference to the 1200 in attendance…will you?

C) Time saving…think of all the wonderful people, writers, bloggers other companies (hello for partnerships!) that will learn about your company through me. When else will you have 1200 people at your disposal, who are open and WANTING to hear about new products, companies and ideas? USE IT! Let me help get your message out there and gain you more awareness!

The relationship…So how does this all work, you ask?

It’s easy, simple and fun!

What I am looking for is to work with 4-5 companies. For $200 each I will be your representative at BlogHer 09.

What this includes…

  1. I will blog about your company before the conference
  2. You will receive an ad in my sidebar for the remainder of 2009
  3. I will blog from the show and will put your company’s link at the bottom of all posts during the show and those posts having to do with wrap up after the show.
  4. I will create swag bags for those companies that I represent, if you have materials to put in them. I will hand out your cards to all that I meet… and I am going with the intention of meeting A LOT of people. Connect connect connect!
**I would of course meet with you to discuss other ideas you may have so that you get the most bang for your buck!**

If you have a shirt I would gladly wear it one day of the conference – this is a two day event so the first two companies to come join me in this partnership get their shirt on me. The two shirt slots have been taken but a couple more slots are still available so So email me NOW!!

But before you go…let me say this. I know that I am in Hawaii. And yes it’s a far plane ride from Hawaii to Chicago. That is HOW MUCH I WANT TO GO TO BLOGHER 09! I am willing to sit on that plane ride and take 10-14 hours to get to Chicago. Because I truly believe that good things will come from attending BlogHer 09…for me and for any company I represent!

I have bought my entry into BlogHer, I am committed. Are you?! Come on let’s work together, let’s make BlogHer 09 a huge success for your business! Remember, your competitor probably has a blogger going for them…will you?!

Email me any questions or comments! I want this to be fun but most importantly rewarding for you and your company!

Can’t do the whole $200 but still want to be part of BlogHer 09? Email me…I am all about helping those just starting out and have other ideas on how we could get your company’s name in front of the 1200 attendees at BlogHer 09!

If you have time please tweet this post out!

I can’t wait to make connections and hopefully help build some business for some great companies!

Mahalo nui (thank you so so so much!)

Sarah, Ohana Mama

I am so excited to be partnering with the following companies…There are still slots available! These companies see the power of being represented at BlogHer...Do You!

Thank you to these wonderful sponsors!!

1. Laura Roeder www.roederstudios.com and www.getthedash.com @lkr on twitter
2. Marie Forleo http://tinyurl.com/btgcxu @marieforleo on twitter
3. Alexis Martin Neely http://www.familywealthmatters.com/ @Alexis Neely on twitter
4. Go Natural Baby http://www.gonaturalbaby.com
5. Chicks-n-Chickens http://www.chicks-n-chickens.com @chicksnchickens on twitter

Remember, partial scholarships are available too!

Thank you to the soon to launch ‘The Mamasphere” for being a partial sponsor! @themamasphere on twitter


  1. Fine, I’ll wear the third stinkin’ shirt. It’d better have neon, though.

  2. tier1-living.com says:

    Very creative Sarah! Your sponsors will be well served by your time, talent, and ambition. Keep us updated.

  3. Courtney-Gift Mommy says:

    I wish I could sponsor you Sarah! I know it would be worth every penny because you always put 110% into everything you do! Great post! Good luck!

  4. Lalapoo says:

    You Go Girl! Sarah you are my inspiration! I wish I could help you somehow

  5. Victoria Arya says:

    great write-up Sarah!!! I look forward to seeing you at Blogher!

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