Aloha Friday Finds! Ergo Baby Carrier Gets Put to the Test!

I have long been a fan of the ERGO Baby Carrier, mostly from a company stand point (they are a fantastic company to work with!) but also because anyone that I’ve known that has an ERGO Baby Carrier seems to always rave about it and love it. Well I wanted to see it for myself. And yes, Ergo Baby passes the Ohana Mama test!

Some of the great feature I LOVE about Ergo Baby…

1. Most important – comfort – for the parent and for the baby. The Ergo helps alleviate any pressure on your back or shoulders when carrying your little one. Leah, my daughter, felt secure, comfy and is happy to go along for rides in her Ergo Baby carrier.

2. The features of this carrier are off the charts!
-Ergo features a flap of fabric that can over your little one’s head to offer sun protection and also hold their head to you, should they fall asleep along the ride.

-They have a pouch that easily goes on the waist band of the Ergo that can hold all sorts of goodies. (more on this later)

-A backpack that can hold all of your necessities for a day out, including spots for water bottles and an outside pouch for easy access to items. It snaps on to the carrier, making it less bulky and secure. They really make it easy for active lifestyle families to use this carrier!

-Breastfeeding – yes you can breastfeed in your Ergo and with the flap that goes over their head it offers some shielding from unsuspecting passerbyers.

-They have an newborn insert so this carrier can go from newborn to 40 pounds…my son is 4 and is 35 pounds so he could even use it!

-Versatility – you can wear your child on the front, back or side

3. Traveling! Ergo Baby makes airport travel a snap! Ergo baby literally offers another hand to parents. Soon many will be traveling for Spring Break or Summer (yes Summer is right around the corner, I promise!) and the Ergo baby allows you to travel through the airport with your hands free. And that pouch I spoke about earlier – well it’s great to hold your ticket and ID and offers easy access to all the important docs you need.

4. Grocery Shopping! We all could use anything that makes this chore easy, right? With two kids and one spot to put them in the cart, the Ergo baby saves my day by allowing me to put my son in the cart and carry Leah in the Ergo. And again, that tiny pouch is a godsend…holding coupons, my atm card, even snacks for the kids. No need for a purse that could get stolen or lost in the grocery shopping shuffle!

So, needless to say I LOVE Ergo Baby and they passed the Ohana Mama test with rainbow colors!

Purchase ERGO baby carriers here! You will not be disappointed!

Check out this little video of the Ohana Mama family putting Ergo to the test in Kapalua, Maui! Mahalo Ergo Baby!


  1. Great shots of the Ergo in use! We love ours too. It’s a lifesaver while traveling. I recommend it to every parent I know!

  2. baby carriers backpacks says:

    Ergo is fantastic!! My little girl would stay in her’s all day long if we would let her

  3. Victoria Arya says:

    We love the ergo too.

  4. We love our Ergo too! Even though my son is almost 2.5 he grabs it from the closet when he wants a little snuggle time while on the go. It’s the BEST baby item I have.

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