Celebrate Fellow Bloggers with Blog Popz! {contest!}

Blog Popz are back and it’s all about you, our readers, celebrating each other!

Give a pop to give props to those bloggy friends that are your “Fave” “Friend” “Mentor” “Cutest” or those blogs that you “Love”.

If you’ve been popped, display your badge proudly on your sidebar telling all who read that you are wuved! And be sure to register your pop to be entered for the chance to win some great prizes from our sponsors! Have fun and get poppin!

What Are Blog Popz?

A blog award. A blogger recognition program. A virtual representation of the lollipops you gave in school to friends and admirers. Each color represents a different regonition theme. Get popz from authorizied Candy Stores , receive them from admirers, and register you pop for a chance to win fantastic prizes for distributing and receiving the most popz.

How Do I Give a Blog Pop?

Go to the store of the Pop you want to give and follow the directions on that site.

“Yours is one of my favorite blogs”
Fav! Pop Candy Store: Cool Baby Kid


“Your blog is cute”
Cute Pop Candy Store: From Dates to Diapers


“I love your blog”
Love Pop Candy Store: The Not-So-Blog Blog


“You’re a great blog friend”
Friend Pop Candy Store: The Ohana Mama


“Thanks for being a blog mentor”
Mentor Pop Candy Store: Suzy Q Homemaker


“You’re a blog star!”
Star Pop Candy Store: Life Starring the Kids & Me!

I Received a Pop. Now What?

If you are lucky enough to receive a pop, proudly display it on your site and reciprocate if you like. Don’t forget to register your pop for a chance to win prizes!

Why Should I Register My Pop?

Registering your pop is the only way to win the “Summer Solstice” prizes. Complete the short form below for each pop you give and/or receive to increase your chances of winning. The two biggest poppers (those who give the most popz) will receive first choice of prizes as well as the most popped in each category. If you receive a pop it must be displaye on your site for you to be eligible to win.

Blog Popz Summer Solstice Prizes

Prize Package #1

New Native Baby Carrier

Prima Princessa Children’s Ballet DVD

Miss Wit 80’s “Small Town Girl” Onesie


Prize Package #2

$30 Bebeclaire Jewelry Gift Certificate

Prima Princessa Children’s Ballet DVD

Kaboost Chair Booster sponsored by CityMommy


Friend Pop Candy Store

The Ohana Mama is your stop for the Friend Pop to give to all of your bloggy friends.  Complete any one of the following to buy your pop…then grab the code for a Friend Pop Button to give to the recipient. Once you complete ALL FIVE you can give unlimited pops without leaving more comments.

  • Subscribe to The Ohana Mama and leave me a comment telling me that you do
  • Blog about Blog Popz (include the available prizes) and leave a comment with the link to your post.
  • Twitter this message: (I grabbed a FRIEND POP @ The Ohana Mama. Give Popz & YOU can win prizes here http://tinyurl.com/nlbnyb @THEOHANAMAMA RT PLZ)
  • Share this post and leave me a comment telling me that you shared.




If you have any questions or would like to donate a prize to future editions of Blog Popz contact the Baby Kids Blogs.





  1. thank you for the blog recognition! You are awesome.

  2. LnddMiles says:

    Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

  3. i subscribe and I want to give the friend pop to http://beckyanddangerboys.blogspot.com/

  4. I subscribed. pricousins at aol dot com

  5. Ok well it obviously didn’t want to copy and paste my code. I right clicked on the button to get the properties. And copied and pasted that into the existing code to replace the source in the code which was pointing to the wrong image. Hope that makes sense.

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    Hope that helps.

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  10. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE HTML CODE FOR TH BUTTON. I couldn’t get it to display and had to change it a bit. It links back. Can you check that so others don’t have a problem? THank you

  11. I pass on a Friendship pop to Kimberly at She scribes.

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  13. I gave a friend pop to Gypsy Fox at http://pickinglilies.blogspot.com/

  14. I subscribe to emails

  15. I gave a friend pop to nell at casualfridayeveryday.com and I subscribed, thanks!

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