Check out Ohana Mama on Momversation today!

Be sure to turn up the volume in the video player!
I love momversation and was excited to be included! Mahalo ladies!
Can’t wait to do it again!


  1. I saw this and you rocked it!

  2. pandawhole says:

    You are right!

  3. MomFaves says:

    You are so right! Now it’s about the kids…

    Very well said.

    Josh and Rebecca

    WhyMomsMatter (The MomFaves Blog)

  4. says:

    Awesome – always love to see your video blogging! We miss your full video blogs on!

    Can’t wait to see more of you there!

  5. I agree with your comment. Even though I totally think that the mom is nuts the babies are here and they are the ones who will suffer if noone helps. I would tune in to that tv show, for minute at least.

  6. growingupartists says:

    Supercongrats!!! And the fact that your lighting looks as glamorous as the rest, inspiring. Best quotes ever, totally working the postive PR angle…great job! Could picture you as the head of the firm.

  7. Great response! I just recorded my very first Momversation about this and will posting it shortly. Thanks for your input!!

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