Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer Review

Amy Knapp's OrganizerI have recently come to the very real realization that I cannot do well in life without being organized. Having two kids, a husband, a blog, two part-time jobs and the starting of a business, well, I was feeling pretty out of control. I was looking for something, someplace to put everything that needed to be done – meetings, appointments, bills, housecleaning, blog posts. So when I received the chance to review Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer I was excited and hopeful that Amy’s product would help me feel like I was in control of all that was going on around me.

What I love about The Family Organizer – there are tons, I kept finding more and more great things as I used this planner…

The size – it’s small enough so that I can literally throw it into my bag and go, but large enough that there’s room to write on the full calenders and lists

A how-to: I am admittedly a tad bit organizationally challenged. At work I am much much better about this than at home. I never understood this. BUT, Amy has given users a very simple but very helpful how-to on using the planner. If you follow her suggestions, this planner really works.
Inside of Amy Knapp's Family Organizer
Lists – Each week Amy has a section for your grocery list and menu planning. You are able to fill them out all week as you need things and then tear out only the list with you to the store. What’s really great is, if you’ve entered your appointments for that week, you can easily see which nights you will be able to have a nice meal and which ones you may have to have a grab and go meal or make a crock pot meal. Amy has this all in one place – right where they should be – genius!

Color coded stickers – these are towards the back and when I found them I thought to myself “Wow, she thought of everything!” You can use the stickers to show birthdays, vacations, appointments, even pay days on your calendar. And she’s included blank ones for you to write your own task on them. They really bring your attention to important dates and can be a life saver!

Full month views– Each month starts with a full month calendar to put important events on, so you get an overview – this is great for bills! I put a paperclip at the top of the current months, full calendar so I can easily flip to it every morning to see what lies ahead.

Year Planner – towards the back of the book, Amy has included a spot for you to plan your year – this is great for traveling and planning trips as well as noting when property taxes are due

Other useful features of Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer – She has thought of everything! Budgets, a place to put your information for when you have a baby sitter as well as a section to tell your babysitter about any little nuances or allergies your kids may have. There is a spot for keep baby sitter’s numbers as well as any of your children’s friends names and numbers and an address book for anyone else that you may need to contact in the future. And in the day of the internet Amy has created a spot for you to list any web sites that you may need a password for – no more having to chase down your password when time is short!

Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer is giving this super busy mom a little hope that I can continue this bustling life and stay organized and feel in control. These times with two little ones, jobs and a mortgage are tough and stressful, thankfully this organizer will hep me stay sane, get bills paid on time and NOT be a month early to my daughter well baby check-up (again). Thank you Amy Knapp!

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