eenamaria Handbags

I am a simple jeans and a tee kind of girl, but I am a girl.  And you know what girls like, right? Shoes and bags!  Now, my shoes are a rainbow of different flip flips, but I still have a ton!  And my bags are mostly beach bags, but you guessed it, my closet is brimming with them.  So, I was excited to get a sneak peak at the new bags from eenamaria!

These bags are perfect for when I go to “The city” (aka Honolulu) or head back to the mainland for some partying with my best girl friends during a night out.  eenamaria bags are fun, colorful, mod and easy to clean! Yes, always thinking like a mom, the patent leather-like material on the outside is easily wipeable.  So any spills of margaritas or vino that may hit my bag on a girls night out can be easily wiped down with a wet sponge!  YAY!  A great looking bag that’s ALSO practical!  Gotta love that!

A little bit about eenamaria and the designer…

“Sarah Morgan is the creator and designer of eenamaria handbags, offering a fresh, edgy new collection that really makes a statement…And with bright colors and bold designs these bags are not only practical, but exciting and fun.
Sarah has truly made herself; someone to watch out for…she been nominated twice for the Fashion Group International’s ‘Rising Star Award’….Sarah hopes to share her new collection with women, such as those who read blogs, who are modern, confident and strong women on-the-go. Sarah hopes to inspire and empower any woman who wears her bag – creating bold looks that represent an attitude and lifestyle that is full of passion and adventure.”

Eenamaria bags can be bought at  They have a ton of different sizes, from totes to clutches to weekender bags that could easily be used as a diaper bag or for weekend get aways.  Check out more of Eenamaria at

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