Nothing beats a good girlfriend

imagesThis past week I’ve had one of my best friends and her husband in town.  We’ve known each other since 7th grade.  Now we are both 31, married, me with kids, and she’s about to take the plunge and try for her first.  We’ve grown up together.  And thankfully we’ve never grown apart.  We have lived far apart however, a number of times – during college when she was in Santa Barbara and I was in San Diego, when I was in Italy for school, when she headed to Hawaii after a bad bad break up and now she is in Colorado and I am in the middle of the Pacific ocean.  We are in constant contact through phone calls, emails and now facebook (gotta love facebook).

This past week has been awesome.  My kids are smitten with Auntie Desiree and Uncle Peter.  And I have been in heaven having a real, honest to goodness, knows-me (faults and all) and still loves me, girlfriend.  You know the kind…She loves you when you look your best and tells you you look great when you look your worst.  She doesn’t judge you when your house is a mess but instead asks if she can take the kids for you or help you clean.  Yes, that’s my BFF, Des. And today she leaves back to Colorado.  And I am heart broken.

So after this wonderful girlfriend filled week, I have been hit with the realization that nothing beats having a good girlfriend – even if it’s just one (I am a quality over quantity kind of gal, always have been, especially when it comes to friends). Even if you only get to talk on the phone or via email and don’t see each other but once a year, nothing beats that solace in knowing that you have someone to run to, to share happy joyous news with or cry with about the saddest of sad blows.  Or calling just to say, “I’m shopping and nothing is fitting and I am about to lose it”  A girlfriend will be there to talk you down, or up…whatever you may need. Yes, indeed, a good girlfriend is one of life’s necessities.

So, hug your friend if they live close to you, and never take them for granted.  Call a friend that’s far away and never underestimate the power of a quick email or voicemail message just to say hi.  After all, nothing beats a good girlfriend!

My two best friends form 7th grade at Desirees wedding

My two best friends from 7th grade and I at Desiree's wedding


  1. A few things about this post:

    1. You are gorgeous!
    2. I’m heading to Disney with a friend who lives in NY (I’m in PA) I never get to see…we can’t wait to catch up and have our kids hang out together and am SO excited…know exactly what you mean…
    3. We should do something fun for girlfriends…a tribute? Popz? I don’t know…something. :)

  2. AWWW that made me teary eyed. My BFF is in Cali and I am in NY and she is coming to visit this Fall/Winter 09. I am going to Cali in June for 1 week and I know that it will be hard to leave her AGAIN! :( I left last year Feb. and then went back to visit in June…it was tough.

    I think the hardest part is not being able to share those moments of just spontanious get up and go things like movies, shopping or drinks!

    Awww….I cant wait to hang out with my online buds at blogher!!

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