Take a break and watch some Hawaii waves


  1. My sister and her family will be heading your way this weekend…..sooooo jealous….it looks beautiful.

  2. NanaTutu4r says:


    Wondering how I can “loop” this and have it playing as I fall asleep at night. I miss hearing the waves crashing as I drift off to sleep.
    Where did you video this – was this other island Lanai (or Molokai)?
    Looks very much like Puamana.
    Mahalo for the dejavu.

  3. Oh my! Thank you. I live in Montana and we are still covered in snow. I really needed that little mini vacation.

  4. Oh man I am so jealous! Can you send me some sand in a bottle?? LOL

  5. Must be nice to step outside and see that everyday! Thanks for the moment of escape!

  6. You’re one lucky lady. I could so use a vacation there right now.

  7. Sure, rub it in, lol. Beautiful!

  8. Courtney-The Apple of My Eye says:

    That was nice, real nice!

  9. uggggggggggg. I want to be there!

  10. How gorgeous! I live in South Florida but the Hawaiian waves and landscape are like nothing I’ve seen here. Beautiful.

  11. Oh Sarah what a beautiful video! I can’t wait to get my family over to Hawaii for a much needed vacation. :)

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