It’s Baby Week! Prize #3: Spa Time Baby

You’ve had the baby shower, you’ve shared the news of your new arrival and now it’s time for baby’s first bath.  Oh but what a cold, trembly, and well, scary little task this can be (for both the baby and new parents!).  Most baths with the little ones involve mom and dad getting equally as wet by either splashes or when taking your babe out of the bath.  Well, not any more! With Spa Tim Baby’s ‘CozyCare Cape’, mom or dad are covered and baby is sure to stay nice and warm after the bath, all cozied up to mom or dad.

More about Spa Time baby…

“Bathe your precious little one in comfort & style.  CozyCare Cape is a safe and pampering alternative to bathing and drying baby.  Stay dry with our exclusive waterproof panel!  Each CozyCare Cape comes beautifully wrapped in a sheer organza pouch.  Makes a fantastic gift!  All CozyCare Capes are available for monogramming.”

What I love about my CozyCare Cape from Spa Time Baby

  • It has you covered!  Literally!  CozyCare Cape slips over your head and then over your shoulders so you are safe from bath time splashes.  And it’s built in wateproof panel on the side that lays against mom or dad, keeps you dry when taking your little one out of the water.
  • It’s big.  Most baby towels are small for small little humans but some fall way too short.  CozyCare Cape is larger than most baby towels and allowed me to make my 18th month old bathing beauty into a bathing burrito after her get-clean routine
  • It’s soft and stylish – with a beautiful trim in a hip pattern and made of soft cotton, the CozyCare Cape is perfect for a babies delicate skin.

And the winner is….



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    The Ducky Bubbles Cape is very cute!

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  7. I love the Ducky Bubbles Cape, how cute!

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  10. The Ducky Bubbles Cape would be great for my son!

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    I like the chic baby cape.

  12. I like the Camo Critter Cape. My husband and I could both wear it. :)

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  15. I love the Camo critter cape. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  16. I love the Fizzy Citrus Cape

  17. Blue duckies

  18. Jennifer Hedden says:

    the chic baby cape

  19. To actually survive bathtime and not be wet?!!! amazing… I have to say I like the Chic Baby Cape

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    i would like the ducky bubbles cape.

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