It’s Baby Week! Prize #4: See Kai Run Shoes

Your bundle of joy is growing up and has taken his or her first steps.  Get YOUR running shoes on, Mom & Dad! These little ones are fast!  You’ll have to do all you can to keep up with your little speed demon, especially once they are wearing their kickin pair of See Kai Run shoes!

See Kai Run shoes are cute, stylish, and best of all good for your little one’s growing feet!  My little girl has a pair of Kaya shoes (pictured above).  They are adorable and keep her toes safe when she’s romping it up on the playground or going for walks with the fam.  With the hip look of sneakers and the bonus of easy velcro closures, See Kai Run’s Kaya shoes definitely get two hula shakes from this mom.  And from my little girl, it seems.  She loves to clomp around as loud as she can on our floors and seems to know that these babies mean business, as she takes off as fast as she can from mom.

I am already making my list of other See Kai Run shoes I want to get her – yes she is a girl and girls need shoes, lots and lots of shoes. (so do boys…but they keep that on the downlow…believe me, my husband has more shoes than me and my son is swimming in them)

A little bit more about See Kai Run shoes – a mom created company…

Why See Kai Run?

Healthy Fit

  • Very flexible soles are healthy for developing feet.
  • Wide opening and toe box accommodate even the chubbiest little feet.
  • Velcro closure allows for adjustable fit and easy on and off.
  • Leather lining is breathable and durable.
  • Padded collar adds comfort and helps our shoes stay on little feet.

Quality Construction

  • Leather used for our footwear meets the most stringent available U.S. and international guidelines.
  • Sheepskin leather uppers are butter-soft and more durable by weight than cow leather used by many other brands.
  • Durable construction and rubber sole stand up to heavy play indoors and out.

Urban Style

  • Hip, urban styles in modern color palettes.
  • Bold designs and detailing.
  • Modern takes on classic styles.”

And the winner is…can you believe it…numero UNO! wow!


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