How to handle bullying – What are your thoughts?

no-bulliesYours truly was on Momversation today responding to their episode about bullying. You can see my full video in my sidebar on Vimeo.

What are your thoughts? How do you handle it if your kids are bullied? Or how will you handle it if this ever happens to your child? What if your child IS the bully?

And to further the convo…what about adult bullying? Cyber-bullying? I know I had a run in with a few less than stellar ladies on a baby board just the other day. I couldn’t believe that these were moms and grown adults. And I couldn’t believe how affected I was by their words through the computer. I almost did an F-you post to them but instead I focused my energy back to all the wonderful women online THAT ARE supportive, friendly and helpful-when-you-make-a-mistake. So this is my shout out to the women in particular at MomDot forums, on Twitter and at my fave, babytalkbio. xoxo

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  1. Kids need an outlet – a safe place to land. There is no avoiding bullies. Talking to them about bullies BEFORE they encounter them is optimal. Giving our kids the tools BEFORE they need them is important, don’t you think? I think we want to shield our kids from all things that may hurt them but that isn’t life.
    On the topic of Adult Bullies… I am still so amazed and disgusted really that women haven’t figured out that attacking eachother is exactly how we continue the stereotype that women are catty and bitchy. Let’s support each other ladies!!

  2. NanaTutu4r says:

    As a mom of three (one a boy) and now Tutu -grandma to 5 (and only one a girl, albeit I think quite independent):
    Having experienced being the victim as a child myself and years of incidents affecting my children, let’s get back to basics and whole-heartedly TEACH the “Golden Rule” ie: “treat others (and all other living things) as you’d like to be treated yourself.” It truly is just that simple!
    Teach this consistently and if the every fellow human being strived to do this ALL of the time, think how beautifully peacefilled the world would be! That’s Tutu’s Take!

  3. I just wanted to interject and say congrats on being featured AGAIN.

    Lil Miss Momversation herself over here!!!

  4. Courtney-The Apple of My Eye says:

    I don’t think hitting is the answere to anything…even disciplining
    children…it’s the easy way out of an argument…it’s a cowards way out. Being able to talk your way out of a situation takes creativity and brains and a whole lot of will power!

  5. That’s a hard one! I want my kids to stand up for themselves, but I don’t agree with handling it through violence either. Luckily I haven’t had to deal with this yet but I’m sure at some point it WILL come up.

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