Get your groove on with Cornielle: The Birth Of Cornelius

I am a sucker for Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder anything that gets this mama groovin in her seat or better yet anything that gets me out of my seat is good in my book. Let me tell you, the new album from Cornielle “The Birth of Cornelius” is some great ear candy to get you groovin and swaying.  Take a mid day break with some Cornielle (I say you can count it as exercise ;) )

Take a listen….

All of My Love – Corneille

I dug a bit deeper once I listed to Cornielle’s latest album and what did I find?! He has some songs on other albums in French too…my hubby speaks French, and ladies nothing is sexier than a man speaking French to you…well maybe singing French to me, yeah, that could be even better! (hear that hubs?!)  Check out more Cornielle and get yourself some new ear candy.

What music gets you groovin..and no we’re not talking about The Wiggles here, folks.  Share, I’m always looking for some good  music.


  1. Pat, I love me some Sade too…good rec!

  2. NanaTutu says:

    Woooo…. I LOVE it! A little hippity-hop just in time for Easter… Couples with some romance, how could that be bad at all.
    Can’t wait to hear him sing in French! Yikes!
    Mahalo Sarah for this great way to start the day. Will have Corneille singing in my head now all day!
    And, lovin’ it!

  3. Oh and I am and have always been in Love with SADE
    Take care

  4. I love Corneille, he is the BombDiggity! I usually listen to his french albums, I did not know that he had english songs.

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