Mandatory To-Do: Have a Ladies Night Out!

Ladies, this needs to be at the top of your to-do list at least once a month (yes, I need to listen to my own advice and I plan to).  I had a mom’s night out this past Monday and it was very very needed. A little more on that in this video blog…

Tips for having a successful Moms Night Out

  • If having moms night out at a house, make sure the kids are either fast asleep and that they are very sounds sleepers.  OR better yet send said kids to grandma and grandpas for the night.  There’s nothing worse than the hostess being torn away mid glass of wine.
  • Be flexible.  Even if everyone can only go for an hour, enjoy it. Don’t add pressure to attendees with any time constraints.
  • Go cheap…some ideas to have fun, get out, and not break the bank
  1. Two words: Taco Tuesday.  Almost all (I think?) places have a Mexican restaurant that does Taco Tuesday.  In my neck of the woods our local joint is $1 tacos and $3.50 margaritas – for under ten bucks I can fill my belly and maybe get a buzz.
  2. Barnes & Noble or other book store: the best is when they have a coffee bar.  For under $5.00 you get a latte and you get to look through books and mags all while chatting with girlfriends. This is my FAVE, but I LOVE Barnes and Noble! (this is also great for a mom and dad cheap date night!)
  3. Pedicures: You could head out to a shop to get this or stay in and have everyone bring their own supplies.  It’ll bring you right back to being in 6th grade…and sometimes we all need that.
  4. Fondue: Yes Melting Pot is yummy but it’s expensive!  So why not do it at your house.  Cut up bread, fruit and grab a bottle of wine and have cheese fondue with your best girlfriends.

Fun ideas:

  • Have a jewelry making class – we did this and it was a blast and I left with some bling.  Look in your local yellow pages for a bead shop.  They are sure to offer classes.  Ask them if they do house calls and have it all set up at your house (again, send kids to g’ma and g’pa’s house).  For under $20 we got to make 2 pairs of earrings, had dessert and a glass of wine
  • Craft parties: I actually taught this one.  It was so fun and we did it before Christmas so we were able to get some presents made and have good girlfriend fun. (Maybe do this before father’s day and make your hubby something)
  • Last but not least – if you just can’t get out or your friends are clear across the country why not meet up in cyber land.  The trick is that you either have to head to a place that has wireless or do it at your house and lock yourself in your room – tell the kids mommy is NOT home and turn up some music so you don’t hear the kids and want to intervene.

In the end, have fun, and make getting out and taking time for yourself and connecting with other women a priority…a happy mom makes for a happy family!

Have any other ideas…please share them, I’d love to hear!  Do you get out for ladies night out?  How often?


  1. Hey just seen the video great tips im actually planning a ladies night in, ive got 5weeks & want it to be a good night to remember- last time i threw one which was the 1st time it was so so unorginized but i expect this one to be so much fun, im searching high & low for a theme right now- right now im heading more towards Western only because for one were all from Oklahoma(me & my friends lol) & for two bcuz i found these really cute western cowboy shot glasses & they just stuck w/ me but really though thanks for the tips

  2. I just finished watching the video on Momversation and also thought it was great. I just have trouble making friends with women and to make it worse I am a very young mother. I feel i don’t fit in with the 30 something mother’s and women my age are just not having children yet. Dogs are the in thing with young married couples my age! :)
    So…no Mom’s Nite Out for me! :( I WISH!

    BTW-I’m loving ur blog and am following you. Ck out mine and if u like what u see then follow me!

  3. Great ideas for a girl’s night. I feel like it’s always so stressful leading up to actually getting out of the house but once I do it’s so worth it. I think we’re all better moms when we do something and take time for ourselves.

  4. NanaTutu4r says:

    Great ideas, being a “Tutu” the idea of also giving the g’parents time with the children sounds like truly a “win-win” for everyone! What area in Michigan does Courtney live? I am sure there must be some Ohana Mama fans that perhaps could meet up. Otherwise, an internet night out is cool too especially if you could connect via Skype. I wonder does anyone know if you can do multiple people at same time (like a conf call) on Skype? It would be a true”virtual” night out.

  5. Courtney – we could do a ladies night out…I’d go to Barnes and Noble, you go to Barnes and Noble and we could chat online and surf the web together…oh wait…we do that EVERYDAY, huh? Well still, we should do it! ;)

  6. Courtney-The Apple of My Eye says:

    You look SO pretty in this video! It looks like that ladies night out refreshed you! Dang, I need one of those! Too bad I know no one in Mich yet to do a ladies night out. Shoot!

  7. Great ideas Sarah. It is so important that we moms take care of ourselves. Every time I have a girls night out, not often enough, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. My two best girl friends, whom I’ve known since grade school, and I utilize three-way calling (while having a glass of wine) to catch up. This is a fun way to spend an hour and stay connected.


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