Monday’s Hula Shake Around The Blogosphere {linky love}

Happy Monday! It’s time to get our hula shake on! Here’s how it works… Ohana Mama will have 1 featured site that we think is shakin’. Then you can share, in Mr. Linky, your upcoming giveaways, funny posts from last week, latest promotion, you name it! This goes for mom businesses too – please please share your latest sale or new items in your store! Here is Ohana Mama’s pick to start off this week’s Hula Shake Around the Blogosphere

Have you heard of Marie Forleo?  She is awesome!  Funny, smart, and beautiful to boot!  Well, she has a call for women entrepreneurs (that’s more than likely YOU if you run a blog or a business or are THINKING of doing either AND are a woman) talking about the  “8 Biggest Mistakes Even Smart Women Make In Business…and How to Avoid Them!”

wntd A little more about the call from Marie…

You’ll discover:

The deadly mistake of “modeling successful people” that so many entrepreneurs (especially women) are falling into these days…and what to do instead that works!

•   How your sex life is affecting the success of your BUSINESS

•   The money repellant mis-step of trying to be “the best at what you do”

•   Why “picking a niche” could be keeping you stuck and broke

•   The two most commonly overlooked CRUCIAL factors when choosing a mentor: (Hint: wealth is not it. Miss these and you’ll kick yourself!)”

Visit Marie’s Page to learn more!

Now it’s your turn! Share your great posts, latest giveaway(s) or promotion(s) below in Mr Linky. Be sure to visit each other, leave comments, make it a grand hula shake across the blogosphere! Share the Aloha!

Have a shakin’ week everyone!

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  1. This week we are giving away 5 copies of our Sweet Life Book Club read for the month of April The Household Guide to Dying by Australian author Debra Adelaide. We also have great giveaways every Friday on our Fun Free Fridays.

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