More Sex = More Success?

That is the buzz on the streets.  And I am listening!  Marie Forleo had a bunch of tips on how to be successful over at the Toilet Paper Entreprenuer but the one that caught my attention, and seemed fairly easy to accomplish, was to have more sex and be more successful!  Who knew?!  Although I’d say it makes PERFECT sense!

Then on Oprah’s show on Monday all about moms, they talked about how sex was a hugely important part to a successful marriage and a happy mom. I don’t doubt it!

So who am I not to try this new correlation out?  BUT, just one problem…after a hectic day with two kids, working from home, working outside of the home and doing mass amounts of laundry, well I am spent and just not in the mood. So I called in the pros..I’m sure you’ve heard of them…KY.  Just for us moms (and women in general) who need a little more help in the s.e.x. department, they have created INTENSE, a new arousal gel for her.

More from KY…

“K-Y® Brand Intense™ is the uniquely formulated arousal gel that has women saying “it makes sex more satisfying.”  Only K-Y® Brand scientists could create a product designed specifically to intensify a woman’s climax.  75% of women who used K-Y Brand® Intense™ experienced heightened arousal, sexual pleasure and sensitivity where it counts most.  Our science + your art = intense satisfaction™ …for the both of you.”

Two Hula Shakes

I did try it but I am NOT going to kiss and tell, but if I am pimping this on my site (and blushing while doing so) I’d say it gets two hula-shakes from this mom!

Remember, the studies show that more sex=more success…we all want to be successful right?  So, start at home (in bed)!


  1. Courtney Velasquez says:

    That was to tastefully written Sarah! Kudos:))

  2. That is indeed very interesting. Great review!

  3. very interesting :D

  4. Two hula shakes…. he he he. You’re so damn cute.

    Great review!

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