Boon Products Rock!

In late March I hosted a giveaway for a Boon Trio Animal Bag and while I didn’t get to review one of those, I did get an array of samples to try out with my kids.  In order to enter the giveaway, you had to head over to the Boon site and let me know which products caught your eye.  I was so excited that so many of you chose the products I was able to review so that I could share with you whether they were really great or not. This is my take on these Boon products…

For the bathroom

Scrubbles; Interchangeable, egg shaped, bath toys

My kids love their Scrubbles.  They love to put water in them and then squirt it out at each other.  It is easier for my son, who is 4, to squeeze the water out than my daughter, who is 18 months, but they both love them equally.  I love them because I can run them in the dishwasher to clean them, they are BPA, Phthalate and PVC -free, and they are interchangeable so they can all work together – so if I happen to lose one half of one or another, I will still have a working Srubble (inevitably, parts to toys get lost in our house so this is a BIG plus to me!)

The Potty Bench

This is the mother of all potty seats.  What I love about the Boon Potty Bench:

  • It’s style – this is one potty bench that won’t put a damper on your bathroom and that’s important for us, since we all share a bathroom in our little beach bungalow.
  • It has a covered, yet easily accessible compartment for toilet paper and wet wipes on one side of the potty and another covered yet easily opened compartment for say, a small book or toy so your little one feels comfortable while learning how to use the potty. *the one side that doesn’t hold the toilet paper does gives me a hard time every now and then to close all the way but if I lift it as I close it, it stays shut and is perfect.)
  • It comes with a “lip” to catch any sprays for boys but it’s removable for your little girl to use.
  • The part where the pee goes into slides out for you to easily dump the contents into the bigger toilet.
  • Double Triple duty: not only does the bench act as a potty for your little one but once the lid is closed it can also be used as a stepping stool for them to reach the sink to wash their hands AND it can be used as a seat for Mom or Dad to sit on during bath time. (yes, it’s that sturdy)

On to kitchen products

The Boon Snack Ball

We were lucky enough to try out the snack ball so many of you commented on. This is great for throwing some snacks in and throwing the ball into your bag, no worries about crushing the contents, the sphere shape keeps snacks from becoming breadcrumbs on the go! The opening is big enough for little hands to get in and out of and best of all it screws apart for easy cleaning and can be thrown into the dishwasher.  Things will still fall out if your little one tips it and due to it’s shape I needed to really make sure it was closed before placing it on a table, but it did get snacks from point A to point B and no crumbles.

Boon’s Groovy Interlocking Plate and Bowl

Anyone following me on Twitter knows that as of late I am a tad bit frustrated with the lack of excitement my kids are showing towards trying new foods.  I mean I am bored, how could they not be?  Well Boon’s Groovy Interlocking Plate and Bowl might just be my answer to help my little girl stay excited about food.  It has these little parts for dipping sauce or smaller portion items that you can actually move around the plate to keep your little one guessing.  The two bigger sections aren’t too big and help you gauge  portions for your little one.  I love that it’s anti slip on the bottom so while my daughter is trying to spear a chicken nugget, the plate doesn’t take off on her.  Again so easy to clean…dishwasher safe!

I wish the sides interlocked a tad tighter – my little one was able to pull them off so I don’t use them during all meals but that’s also a bonus – allowing me to change it up for her.

Ohana Mama’s Take

We love Boon products!  They seem to have babies and kids covered no matter what the age, stage or location in your house! If you weren’t our winner, but were interested in any of the items I was able to review and have any questions, please let me know.

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