‘Saving the Earth, Saving Me’ a BuyGreen.com Review & Giveaway

I am always trying to get myself to drink more water.  It is one of my ongoing challenges.  Most of the time I fail. Sadly. But I am trying.  One way I’ve found to make it easier on myself is to fill up a bottle of water in the a.m. so it’s there all day for me to chug-a-lug.  But, I didn’t want that bottle to be plastic as it may be in my car during store trips and I had heard that plastic bottles left in the sun are not good.  Chemicals can actually leach into the water and then that water that I was trying to drink to help save my shriveling body was actually poisoning me.  And we’ve all read about BPA right? (if not, stop for a second and go read this great article all about BPAs from Marianna from Green Mama’s Pad on The Ohana Mama)

So I was extremely excited to be able to review a SIGG bottle from BuyGreen.com.  I have seen these around for a long long while now but had never bought one.  The price is a bit higher than my 99 cent water I would buy at the corner store – but those come in plastic bottles and after buying 15-20 of those (which could happen easily in a month) there was my one time fee for a SIGG that could be used for virtually forever. (I was lucky to receive one for free to check out but I will be buying more for the whole family!)

A little bit about the SIGG bottle from BuyGreen.com

“Extruded from a single piece of aluminum, the innovative SIGG Bottle is surprisingly rugged, crack-resistant and completely reusable and recyclable. A ground-breaking interior lining is 100% effective against leaching and combats residue build-up, so the SIGG Bottle is easy to clean and ensures that all you taste is the water, juice or other beverage that you just poured in the bottle, even after its been sitting in the sun! SIGG bottles have been thoroughly tested both in Europe and in the USA to ensure 0.0% leaching so there is absolutely no migration of either the liner or the container into the beverage. What you put in the bottle is all that you will taste. Having been in this business for nearly 100 years, you can trust SIGG Switzerland to produce products of the highest quality and safety standards in the world.

SIGG bottles save money too! Assuming you drink 1 liter per day, you’d spend $500-$1,000 in bottled water a year. Many SIGG bottles are still being used 10-20 years after they are purchased so you get good bang for your buck!”

What I love about my SIGG bottle –

  • It’s crack resistant – my family is rough with products.  We just are – between hiking, heading to the beach and two kids, things get bonked around.  My SIGG bottle has been standing up to “The Ohana Mama Family Test” beautifully (yes it survived a throw off of our deck by my daughter – she’s way into cause and effect right now.)
  • It’s safe for me & my kids – with it’s liner, I am can assured that no chemicals are being leached into my water when my bottle may be sitting in my car with the hot Hawaii sun beating down on it
  • It can fit ice – this was big for me – I like my water cold most of the time.  I was a bit afraid that the SIGG’s opening would be too small to put ice cubes in.  But, they fit perfectly (we have the ice cubes that are crescent shaped, fyi)
  • It’s pretty!  I love the SIGG design I have – simple with grass and a lone ladybug.  They have all sorts of cool options for the whole family (see a small portion of the designs above)

Cleaning! I’ve read and heard from some people that they didn’t like the cleaning of a SIGG – they thought they couldn’t really get it clean due to the small opening.  BUT I have had no problem.  As they state on their site – just rinse with water after use and let dry.  Easy enough!  But if you want a deep clean you can use a baby bottle brush or use baking soda & vinegar to get a really really deep cleaning.


BuyGreen.com has graciously offered a .6Liter bottle and a reusable BuyGreen.com bag to giveaway to one lucky Ohana Mama reader!

How to enter:

Head on over to BuyGreen.com, take a look around – they have everything that you need to go green!  It’s your one stop shop!  And check out the cool green cleaning set they have for those that want to start going green but don’t know where to start!  Very cool! (just click on the ad in my sidebar)

Come back and tell me what other product at BuyGreen.com you would want to check out.

Extra Entries

  • Let us know how you are going green.  From simple to big, share with us!
  • Tweet about this giveaway (unlimited entries – leave a new comment for each tweet)
  • Add my text link to your site (grab code below)
  • Blog about it: This is easy you guys – this week is Earth Day so if you need a ” Green” post – well here ya go! (receive 5 extra entries for this! Leave 5 comments)

Deadline April 30th 11:59 Hawaii Time

US residents only

*opinions in this post are just that, The Ohana Mama’s opinion.  Do your research before buying any products for your family!*


  1. Kelsey Kaysen says:
  2. Kelsey Kaysen says:

    I’m composting and avoiding the use of plastic bottles. Those water bottles are awesome!

  3. I like the Voltaic Backpack

  4. john ferris says:


  5. I would love to check out the I Dream “Baby” Baby Wash

  6. Casey Weitzel says:

    I’m a big believer in the baking soda/vinegar combination!! My daughter loves to clean with me, when I use it. Fizzies are fun!!
    I would love one of the SIGG one liter bottles. I see them all the time at Whole Foods, but never got around to picking one up.

  7. Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    i like the organic wool mattresses and pillows.

  8. Marcy Strahan says:

    I started shopping more at thrift store & garage sale to up cycle old stuff.
    I tun off the hot water heater when not needed!
    I am foiling my windows to keep the house cooler.

  9. Marcy Strahan says:

    Storage & Travel Bags by Vy & Elle

    Love all their bags, lunch totes & even a few cool purses!

  10. I recycle, combine trips, try to buy more organic, and BMOB – bring my own bags!

  11. Love the Storage & Travel Bags by Vy & Elle, especially the cooler.

  12. I would try the I Dream “Baby” Gift Set to start :-)

  13. text link on sidebar here:
    (top of left side)

  14. john ferris says:

    Laptop lunch system.

  15. We are going green by:
    changed all light bulbs to CFL
    Wash laundry in cold water
    Hang outside to dry when possible then toss a few minutes in dryer to fluff
    Stopped using plastic bags from stores & replaced with reusable shopping bags
    Stopped buying individually bottled water
    Turned hot water heater thermostat down
    Turned A/C up
    Turned furnace down

  16. I would love to have the Kirei Coasters with Bamboo Box


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