Tales from the boob..Twitter Style! And a challenge for YOU!

In 140 characters or less I asked my tweeps…


And here are the real moms and their real tweets…Let’s talk breastfeeding…Twitter Style…








So now I have a CHALLENGE for YOU!

Describe your breastfeeding experience in only THREE WORDS!

Come on, can ya do it?

I’ll start first…


Now it’s your turn, come and have some fun!


  1. Painful, awesome, beautiful. I never knew all of that could go together!

  2. Best Parenting Tool.

  3. WONDERFUL. HARD. Bonding.

  4. Three words is hard!! How about..

    Excruciating. Nauseating. Torture.

    I had bleeding nipples and a nasty infection. It was so not a fun experience for me. Kudos to the ladies who do it all the time.

  5. Ivy. Finn. Holly.

    Each child has been a learning experience. Thought I’d have it all down by number three and found I still had more to learn!

  6. Miraculous, Entertaining ,Nauseating

    Seriously, some of the looks my daughters have given to me while feeding were just plain funny…and..

    I have to explain the last one, I say nauseating because when my milk lets down the hormonal change always gives me a wave of nausea almost like morning sickness. Weird I know, but apparently it’s fairly common.

  7. Free, booby, milky

  8. tough.learning.better

  9. healthy.happy.gift

  10. Intimate. Rewarding. Challenging.

  11. Empowering.Abundant.Bonding.

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