Win a Medela Swing Pump & Bamboo Camisole

Whether going back to work or simply wanting a night out, if you breastfeed, more than likely you will have to pump at one time or another (check out our recent “Tales from the Pump” post). Here’s a testimonial from a real mom on pumping…

“The first time I was spoken to about pumping I was pregnant and I thought “yea what a waste of money! That defeats the purpose of breastfeeding!”. Boy oh boy was I wrong. After my daughter was born it took two weeks for my milk supply to come in, I spent endless hours trying to figure out how to hand express/stimulate in between having her latch on before we finally caved and bought a pump. I now recommend that all expecting mothers planning to breastfeed have one on hand or at least have quick access to one, it is a great asset.” -Adalynn, mom to Hailey who was breast fed for 10 months and Cohen who is ten months and breast fed, Adalynn states ” at the rate he is going I will be lucky if he weans before college, lol”


One lucky Ohana Mama reader will win a Medela Swing Pump and Medela Bamboo Nursing Camisole (go green while keeping the ta-tas in place!).

About The Medela Swing

An electric breastpump which perfectly adapts to the daily routine of a dynamic mother. Ideal for occasional or frequent pumping – handy, trendy and quiet.

The Medela swing has received a Practical Parents Award! And did you know?! Not only are Medela’s bottles BPA-free but every part that Medela makes that comes into contact with breast milk (pump parts, storage bags ,etc) are all BPA-free?!  YAY Medela!

How to enter

Head over to the Medela site and come back letting us know something you learned from their site regarding breastfeeding or pumping. That’s it!  Super easy!

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Contest ends 5/2 11:59 Hawaii time

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  1. I got it what you have said about the breast pump creed and for my baby i used the medela advanced breast pump and it is very easy to use and it was helful for me. Thanks!!

  2. Lily Kwan says:

    I subscribed to your feed.

  3. Lily Kwan says:

    I learned that the milk that flows at the beginning of a feed is called foremilk.

  4. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS deaths:) ty 4 sponsoring this awesome giveaway and 4 the entry:)

  5. Gianna says:

    I’m currently nursing twins :)
    The milk that flows at the beginning of a feed is called foremilk.

  6. Suanne Giddings says:

    Some of us need to return to work. Let somebody else introduce the bottle to your baby or try alternative feeding methods to feed your baby while you are away. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  7. I learned taht breastfeeding is a learned skill and it may take time and patience for you and your baby to master it.

  8. Casey Becher says:

    I favorited you on technorati (caseybecher)

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    I stumbled this post

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    I follow

  11. A Casson says:

    Breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS deaths.

  12. Casey Becher says:

    I subscribe

  13. Casey Becher says:
  14. Casey Becher says:

    I learned that many mothers find it easier to express their milk in front of their baby. If you are separated from your baby you may look at a picture of your little one, listen to a tape recording of his voice or use a piece of his clothing to smell on

  15. Laura DeLuca says:

    i subscribe

  16. Laura DeLuca says:

    Your baby needs to latch-on to the breast properly to make sure he may get enough milk and to avoid damage to your nipples.

  17. kathy pease says:

    i learned It is recommended to eat foods in as natural a state as possible and avoid processed foods

  18. Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    Breastfed babies are less prone to develop diabetes, heart diseases, eczema, asthma and other allergic disorders later in life. I hope I win I need a pump so badly!

  19. Heather Manis says:

    I learned that Breastfeeding enhances brain development. Research shows there is better visual development and visual acuity in breastfed children. Thats makes so much sense! My son has amazing eye sight. He can see an airplane when I don’t even see it. My mom didn’t nurse me, my eyes are awful.

  20. I am a subscriber.

  21. post delivery bleeding facts

  22. I learned that breastfeeding enhances brain development. Research shows there is better visual development and visual acuity in breastfed children- very cool!

  23. Jane Hoh says:

    I continue to learn from your site. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

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