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Happy Monday! It’s time to get our hula shake on! Here’s how it works… Ohana Mama will have 1 featured site that we think is shakin’. Then you can share, in Mr. Linky, your upcoming giveaways, funny posts from last week, latest promotion, you name it! This goes for mom businesses too – please please share your latest sale or new items in your store! Here is Ohana Mama’s pick to start off this week’s Hula Shake Around the Blogosphere

Kids Protection Plan
You know what your mama always told you…be sure to wear clean underwear!  In other words, be prepared!  And nothing is more true or more important than being prepared should something happen to you and/or your spouse.  You want to make sure that your wishes are carried through and that your children are taken care of…right?

Well, then you will want to head over to ASAP and take 5 minutes to create an easy-to-fill-out document that states who should get custody of your children should anything happen to you.  This isn’t just about if you die, but what if you were in the hospital for some time, who would take care of your children?  Be prepared!

I did this super simple process the other day and was amazed at how easy creator and attorney Alexis Martin Neely, makes it for parents to have a sound plan in place.  Alexis walks you through the process via video and with clearly written instructions. After 5 minutes I had a document all ready to print out and sign in front of witnesses and now my children and their well being, should anything happen to me, are covered!  Head on over to to get yourself covered too! Thanks Alexis!

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Have a shakin’ week everyone!

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  10. What a great product, deciding this for a family is so hard. Being a family with families in 2 countries it’s even harder. Great post Sarah!

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