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Sparklehearts Giveaway

My little girl is still into the baby shampoos & lotions but I had to share Sparklehearts for anyone that has an older little girl - I think I would have loved them when I was little. From Sparklehearts... Most girls would wince in disgust if you told them their favorite body wash contained a chemical that is produced by boiling bugs (called carmine.) And, most parents would wince in disgust if you told them their daughter’s body lotion contained sulfates, phthalates and dozens of … [Read more...]

Hell Yes!

I received the book "Hell Yes" to review from The Family Review Network and I have to say, I LOVE it!  It's a small book with a powerful message...everything you encounter, whether an invitation to a play date, a thought in your head for another piece of cheesecake (or another coke a cola, in my case) or even a BIG event, such as "should we have another child?" ...ask yourself, is this a HELL YES event?  If not, then it's a HELL NO! This book arrived at the perfect time for me, when it seems … [Read more...]

Watch me be a silly little mama!

Get moving with me...Chicks n Chicken's ROCKS! So fun and a great workout, with our without your little one! You can see my full review here! … [Read more...]

BKids Bars – a Yummy Treat for the Kids (and mom & dad)

From the makers of the Balance Bar, BKids Bars are yummy snack bars for the kids that are filled with all sorts of goodness.  They come in two varieties, chocolate chip and peanut butter and the Ohana Mama family was able to give them a try for a review! First, a bit more about these nutritious and delicious snacks, from the BKids team.. "The makers of BALANCE BAR introduce the BALANCE B KIDS bar, a nutritious kids’ snack bar to help fuel their active lives.   With a yummy combination of … [Read more...]

Wine or Grape Juice?

There is a difference between being progressive, growing, changing with the times (or ahead of it) and changing so often it seems that you are having a bloggy identity crisis. Do you change your background, header, heck even your blog's entire subject matter, every week or every month? Are you suffering from bloggy identity loss? Let me explain...and tell me if you agree or am I drinking too many mai tais over here in Hawaii... It happens to me. I won't lie. I am constantly thinking … [Read more...]