Talking Story with Laura Roeder About Social Media & The Mom Entrepreneur

picture-161Have you ever met someone and wanted to share them with everyone! I have! If you follow me on twitter I am sure you’ve seen my tweets about how smart and brilliant I think Laura Roeder, or @lkr, is.  I met Laura through back in the Fall of 08 and have worked with her ever since.  Laura has this type of personality that you are drawn too.  She is so full of wise-beyond-her-years information and ideas and she shares those ideas so willingly and so matter-of-factly and with conviction.  And nearly all the time, she is dead on.  It’s amazing to me.

Laura is a rockin’ entrepreneur, a social media (and business) genius- my words not hers…she’s waaaaay to modest- and the woman behind, and some of you already know and receive her awesome weekly email blasts, The Dash.

She’s one smart cookie and has moderated panels at SXSW, been a guest poster on ProBlogger and is speaking at BlogHer in Chicago in July.  And today she sat down and chatted with me about her new program, gave some key advice on being a mompreneur and taking on social media and she even shares her favorite quote…it’s a good one!!  Thanks Laura for the interview!

Interview With Laura Roeder

Laura’s new program, Creating Fame is an 8 week program with live webinars (that will be taped if you can’t attend live, so you can watch them whenever you please!), q&a’s with Laura, a forum and a ton more content to really boost your biz and take your brand to a new level!  Registration closes SUNDAY, MAY 3rd and there’s only a limited amount of member spots in the All-Access group, so run, don’t walk! Check it out…!

I know I’ve shared Laura with a few of you already and you love her too – leave some comment love or even a question for her in the comments!


  1. Katherine says:

    Sarah, I’m so glad you shared Laura with me a few months ago! I look forward to reading her e-mails and participating in the next challenge that she puts in front of us. She’s marvelous and knows her stuff! Mahalo!!

  2. well Madame.. You know I LOVE @lkr and her advice already! she IS wise beyond her years when it comes to business and social media.. I am thinking maybe she was doing just THAT in another lifetime or something.


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