The Bread Art Project

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, as you know, and while we all do our best to provide for our own families, we cannot forget those that also need our help.  Today I’m sharing with you a super easy, quick way for you to help hungry families.  From The Bread Art Project…



“Demand at food banks is up 30 percent with one in eight Americans struggling with hunger.

To help remedy this, the Grain Foods Foundation teamed up with Feeding America to create the Bread Art Project, a website where you can create pieces of digital bread art and for each piece created, the Grain Foods Foundation will donate $1 to Feeding America– that $1 equals seven meals, 10 pounds of food, or four bags of groceries for those in need.

More than 15,000 slices have been created so far but we need your help to get us to our goal of 50,000 slices.

Head on over and check out, to create your bread art it’s for a great cause and it’s fun too!


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