Ohana Mama Gets Crafty Thanks to Columbia Flowers

picture-167The folks over at Columbia Flowers invited a bunch of bloggers to put together a topiary bouquet. They sent us the flowers, instructions and everything we’d need. It was so fun and so easy – if I can do it, so can you! Check out my video and learn how you too can do this for your mom (or yourself)- it’s a fun, easy and not-too-expensive gift – for Mother’s Day!

(my plumeria are just blooming and are all at the top of the trees, so I decided not to kill myself or break a leg by climbing up to get them but I will have to try adding them to another topiary when I make my next one)

I had some extra flowers left over so I decided to spread the flower power through-out our house. I cut these ones shorter and put them in a vase for our bathroom. It was an instant room makeover! Even my husband commented on how nice our (unfinished – we’re in the middle of remodeling it) bathroom looked. He didn’t realize that I had only just placed flowers in there, he thought I went to town cleaning, hahaha! (now I know the trick!)

Yes, whether at a wedding, at a hospital or even just everyday in your home, flowers have this awesome way of making everything prettier and adding an uplifting feeling to your mood! In Hawaii, leis or a single flower behind your ear are an every day accessory. And flowers say “Aloha” (hello, goodbye, welcome) or “Mahalo” (thank you). Here’s a great big MAHALO to Columbia Flowers for sending this mama some gorgeous fresh cut flowers, teaching me how to make the topiary bouquet and for making us moms feel TOPS!

Say Mahalo to your mama for mothers day by making her a topiary bouquet!


  1. I love it, Sarah!

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