The Swine Flu Takes a Vacation in Hawaii

It’s official, three cases of swine flu have been reported in Hawaii.  They are all on Oahu but Oahu is the main point on entry for all islands in the chain of Hawaii.  The ladies on momversation happened to be talking about Swine Flu and so of course I had to put my take on it!

We’re on a small secluded island so one sick person can get a whole lot of other people sick really fast.

Are you concerned about the swine flu?  Do you have any cases by you? What’s YOUR take? Leave a comment!!


  1. Everyone is in panic mode which makes me paranoid. A sneeze makes me nervous. I make sure that hand sanitizer and alcohol are always available. Nobody touches my baby who is a 1 year old now without washing the hands and sanitizing first. I hope this pandemic will be over soon.

  2. NanaTutu4r says:

    Good place to keep up on latest “recommended” treatment, etc.
    This is the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta GA.

    Interesting thing about H1N1 (Swine flu which is mix of swine, avian and human, that’s why it is so unique) – although seasonal flu outbreaks are more dangerous for elderly (over 65) and very young (under 5) the actual deaths in this outbreak are ppl in their “Prime” – ie: 30-45 yrs of age. So, basically NO ONE is not at risk!
    Stay updated, and check the status and CDC recs routinely. And keep the antibacterial hand cleaners readily available!

  3. NanaTutu4r says:

    Sorry to hear it has touched Hawaii too. Was hoping it might be isolated enough to miss it. Be diligent! Wash hands, cough in elbow, use tissues and toss out! Antibacterial alcohol based hand cleaners good too. CDC advises: PHONE your doc first before running to ER or doc office (incubators) and ALWAYS be considerate of other people, ie: if hint of sick, stay home and pseudo-quarantine yourself (employers need to be tolerant and understand this need too). We are all connected here on this planet, we need to think outside our own little daily worlds. This is another good use for Auntie Lala’s journal. Keep track of illness onset and progress at all ages. At least this current scare of pandemic is good practice in awareness and treatment the world over. With world population growth, interntl. travel, etc. in future,we will see more illnesses like this. That is this “Tutu’s Take” on “H1N1 Flu” (the now PC term vs “Swine” or “Mexican” flu).
    Be well, be smart, and be healthy!

  4. I agree that being more diligent is very important and that if you are sick you should stay at home. Although if I am honest I treat this as any other flu bug. So far it has not done anything that shows much difference (well except that it started with a pig). Did you know that the regular flu kills 36,000 americans every year?

  5. We just had our first two confirmed cases by the health district here in Las Vegas, NV. We have a large hispanic community here as well as travellers from all over the world, so there’s a good chance we might see more. Luckily, the 11 year old boy and 39 year old woman are both expected to recover. Love your blog, I’ll add your button to mine!

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