A ten minute window into my life (does this sound familiar?)

supermomPlease, tell me I am not alone.  I am sure I am not.  The following is a short part of my day, about ten minutes tops! But it so sums up my life at this current time.

I always wondered growing up, why my mom was always late picking me up..Mom I totally forgive you, no hard feelings, only hugs, years and years too late….

It’s 4 p.m. and if I leave now I will be just in time to pick my son up from preschool.  I try my hardest not to let him be the last child there – you know, that child (I was always that child growing up with a working mom (a rock star working mom, but a late one too!)

I put together a snack for my youngest to eat on the way to my son’s school and one for my son to enjoy after I pick him up.  I grab my youngest and away we go.  Well not quite.

Where are the damn keys?

I search search search as I have a conversation and interrogate my daughter, who isn’t all that verbal as of yet, as to where Mommy’s keys are. “huh?” is all I get. Great.

Time is ticking and with each passing minute I am seeing my son’s sad little face as one by one his classmates get saved picked up from school.  Time is of the essence so I go find the keys to our other car and go out to switch the car seats.

I leave the front door open but the gate to our entry closed so that my daughter can run back and forth and scream my name while I rush and sweat to get the car seats into the car.  It’s as if I have a cheering squad.

I race to get two car seats into the car all the while talking to myself (yes my neighbors must think I am nuts) and swearing under my breathe.

All buckled up, I head back to get Leah.  As I get closer to the gate I hear her saying “go! go!”  I say “Yes, honey let’s go!” and there she is holding the keys to my OTHER car. Yeah, the one that had the car seats in it originally.  Ugh.

“Just my luck.  This is my life!”  I am saying both of these things out loud.  I tell her thank you for finding them for mommy.  I grab her up, put her in our car and pop the key into the ignition.  Nothing. The car battery is dead.


Tick tick tick goes the clock.  I open all the doors, grab my son’s car seat, rip it out of the car and back into my husband’s car. My daughter is looking at me like “what the heeeeelll are you doing mommy?”

I finally get both seats secured and BACK into my husband’s car and away we go! Me in a puddle of sweat and actually laughing to myself.  You HAVE to have a sense a humor during these times. and THANK GOD there is gas in the tank (that is usually the icing on the cake)

I arrive at his school and yes my son is the last child.  But he doesn’t say a word just leaps at me with open arms and the biggest hug ever.  I am still super mom to him…thankfully my daughter can’t talk yet and tell him how mommy was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off just a short while before.

This is my life right now all summed up into 10 minutes.  I can try to plan everything out but life has a way of chucking things my way and it’s all how I deflect them or catch them head on.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s to being rock stars and conquering the biggest challenge of all, called motherhood! (and reaping the biggest prize of them all…kids that love us unconditionally, late or not late!)


  1. LOL!! Sounds like my life too… You’re cracking me up!

  2. I’m right with you girl. You’re still a wonderful mommy though, don’t sweat the small stuff LOL

  3. OMG Yes! I have SOOOO been there!! Somuch so, in fact, last mother’s day my children made a key ring for them now by the front door. I guess they finally got tired of my being late and took matters into their own hands lol

  4. Ohhhh….I COMPLETELY get this- you may as well have been describing a chapter in my life! Wonderful to still be SuperMom though, right? Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. NanaTutu says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommies, and most especially to the
    “Grandmommies” or Tutu’s out there who I know can totally relate!
    Just remember, “what goes around does come back around” – and Mahalo from this
    Tutu for credit and thanks given, no matter when it comes around!

  6. Oh Gosh! Sarah I totally understand what you mean.. before I had my second daughter, I was a working full time out of the home girl. I would be so stressed out every afternoon just because of all the traffic and the fact that I knew that I was going to be late.. EVERYDAY! .
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Oh Sarah I was 30 minutes late for a playdate the other day because the earth was conspiring against me. First little man insisted on going pee before we left, yet stood there playing air guitar and not peeing, then the phone rang, then after getting him into the car, I lost the key. I opened the car with it, yet I lost it!

    More evidence one is enough for me – for now.

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day- you are an inspiration!

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Happy Mom’s Day!! I hear ya on that one and I only have 1!! Why is it that the best time for your little one to poop is when mommy is late for an appointment!? I think I”m ready to go (running just a bit late, of course) and then I scoop up Nate and sniff…. Back upstairs!! Oh the joys :) I’m just happy to hear it happens to all of us.

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