Hallelujah! I have a schedule!

Yes, it’s a no brainer, right? Schedules keep you, well, on schedule.  Yes I understand the concept and that it’s been tested and it works.  But for some strange reason I sorta felt that if I was too scheduled I would lose freedom.  Boy was I wrong.  (those of you that already knew this and are shaking your head and rolling your eyes at my rather lame realization…just bear with me…and share tips on how you do things, because you are obviously better at this “life” thing than me!)

So I started a schedule mid-week last week and while it might possibly be too early to tell if it will indeed make my life easier,  I’ll tell you, the thought of having a schedule ahead of me this week gives me a sense of calmness.  And this is a daily schedule, not a calendar of important to-dos.  No this is a “what I do from the moment I wake up” kind of schedule.

This new reign on my time has actually opened up my world.  The time I set aside to do something, be it work from home, do housework, blog or personal business, has become much more focused on all accounts.  I know that if my mind starts to wander to another task that is set for later,  I can put it at rest because I know that I do have time set aside to get to what I was thinking about, later.

From a jumbled mess, that thought not having a set-in-stone schedule meant flexibility and thus a laid back attitude and sense of freedom (I was wayyyyy wrong, it actually had me stressed out and overwhelmed before my day began) to a person that knows what is going to happen first thing in the a.m., I feel freedom having such a schedule to abide by. I love that I can set time for me to go to the park with my daughter and not feel guilty about it – because the thing that I thought “should” be doing and thus couldn’t go to the park before, is now scheduled, with time that is set aside for me to do it later.

So, that’s the skinny on me getting a handle this past week.  It feels absolutely fabulous!  The only slight issue I’ve had is making those around me (ahem, hubby) understand that I do indeed have a schedule and that he better not interfere with it or there will be hell to pay! (come on, help a mutha out, pu-lease!)


  1. I wish I could stick to a schedule….Let us know how it goes!

  2. Good luck! I’m awful with schedules. I know they are so useful, but somehow I always give up after a few days. I definitely need some motivation to stay on schedule!

  3. schedules terrify me. I see them as something else to fail at. I need to change my perspective on them but it’s been tough!

  4. Go girl! Schedules are the only way to go! Are you gonna post it?? ;)

  5. Yay for you! Could you make a schedule for me too? lol…

  6. I need to come up with some sort of a schedule too, especially with summer coming. I’m afraid we’ll all be bored and driving each other crazy just sitting around the house! Good luck sticking to yours…

  7. I think I need to do this. I am a mess right now, totally unorganized and overwhelmed in the household chores department. Do you have any sites you use for inspiration or tips?

  8. Kudos for setting a schedule! If you find any extra time will you send me some? lol :D

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