Ready to make the change to wordpress? Top 5 reasons I {heart} wordpress!

i-love-wordpressSo I made the switch from blogger to wordpress a couple of months ago and not a day goes by that I don’t say to myself, “wordpress rocks!” I am not a computer guru. Not a programmer. Nor a web designer. I am not even a good do-it-yourselfer when it comes to blogs and sites. No, I am just a mom with a blog. And these are my takes…

So here are my top 5 reasons I {heart} wordpress… (there is so much more than this – a ton of back end stuff that I just don’t use but this is MY top five from a normal, non techie mom perspective)

1. Easy to email those that leave me a comment (if they leave their email address) This is so awesome for giveaways! I simply click edit and it brings me to their comment where I can see their email and click on “send an email” and bam! it opens up my email program. So so easy and saves time for me!

2. Plug-ins. If you are already on wordpress, I need not say more, right?! Uh huh, you know..they ROCK! But, if you aren’t on wordpress and are wondering what a plug-in is…in my non-techie-mom verbiage…they are cool “additions” that you can add to your blog with a touch of the “install” button. Everything from adding social media icons to your posts, to adding an mp3 player to your blog, to adding askimet which is my love and catches nearly ALL spam. You can even use a plug-in to send an auto email to your readers when they leave a comment.

3. The Dashboard…this is where you do it all – add posts, add plug-ins, widgets, add PAGES! Yes, it’s so super easy to add new pages to your site.  It’s like a “real site!”

4. MORE TRAFFIC! I swear, since making the change to wordpress my traffic has gone up.  I am not alone, many mommy bloggers I know, that also made the switch to wordpress, have said the same thing.  And who doesn’t like new readers and connections, right?! This also means that the fantastic companies I work with are getting in front of more people!

5. My site is MINE! Self-hosted wordpress (meaning you pay a monthly fee to host and have your own domain name) offers you the real deal in having a true web site, not “just a blog.”  And because it’s self-hosted on hosts like A2 Hosting, this means YOU are in charge!  When I was in blogger, I had my own domain name but all of my info was stored on their servers.  Which meant they basically owned my site and it’s info (maybe not legally, I am not sure) but basically if their server went down, there went all of my work! Or if they decided to shut their doors, my blog (and all of my hard work) would POOF! be gone!

So yes, I LOVE wordpress!!  And like I said there is so much more to it than what I stated above.

Ready to make the change but a tad bit scared?

It took me a while to make the change.  I was scared of it being overwhelming and yes it was. I won’t lie!  I even turned to the Thesis theme (which I LOVE equally as much as wordpress!!) to make my life easier.  It cost $87 (ouch…but worth it at the time)

BUT, check this out!  The one and only Laura Roeder, whom I work for, is hosting a wordpress class tomorrow for only $47! Here’s what she will go over…From Laura’s site…

“Zero to WordPress Blogging

WordPress is the best solution for setting up a robust, attractive blog that you have complete ownership and control over. WordPress blogs are easy to update, great for search engine ranking, and can be easily customized to do just about anything you can imagine.

This absolute-beginner video screencast training walks through the entire process of:

  • Installing and creating a wordpress blog stored on your own web hosting
  • How to create posts, categories, archives, and tags. We’ll also cover how to
  • Creating an RSS feed to encourage repeat readers
  • How ensure that google LOVES your blog
  • Techniques for making your blog “sticky” and easy to share, making your blog entries spread like wildfire

You will receive access to the live webinar at noon pacific (3pm eastern) on May 14th, 2009. Can’t make the scheduled time? Sign up anyway to receive the video and audio recording download after the webinar.”

So if you are thinking of making the change or starting a blog, but are scared of the complexity of it (like I was) I would highly suggest taking Laura’s course! I wish it was available when I started blogging or made the leap to wordpress!

Head on over to Laura and get in on this class today! (click on the ‘RESOURCES’ page to purchase and see other awesome (and inexpensive!) classes that Laura is offering! They will help you work smarter, not harder! So what cha waiting for…go! Now!


  1. Sounds cool. The only thing I wasn’t aware of is the traffic boost. I will never switch to WP from blogger, but I backup my blog weekly and also have my own server where I store everything. So, other than the traffic boost I have everything covered. Those are cool facts, though. Your blog looks great.

  2. AJ, if I can do it, you can do it! Plus other wordpress bloggers are always so helpful! Go for it!

  3. Everyone has been switching and I love visiting WP sites…but I’m so scared to do it. What if I royally screw it up somehow. Ugh!

  4. I love WordPress too although I’ve never used anything else!

  5. Does it cost per year or just a one time thing?
    I have been considering the switch.

    • Sarah Burns says:

      My theme, Thesis is a one-time payment. My hosting plan is monthly. Laura’s class…that’s a one time payment

      (sorry wasn’t sure which part you were asking about) Make the switch! ;)

  6. Those are all excellent reasons!

  7. I just finished with Laura’s webinar and I am ready to switch.. like right now!

  8. I love wordpress as well! I am so incredibly happy that I switched over!

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