How do you Mentally Prepare for Baby Number Two? The Ohana Mama Chats with the Chicks over at Momversation

Dooce, aka Heather Armstrong, is ready to have baby number two.  In this episode, the moms (INCLUDING ME!!! OMG) chat about how to get mentally prepared for your second child.

A bit about my story and getting ready for #2…

I was very very excited to have another child.  Not just for me & my husband, but even more so for my first born, Cameron.  I was excited that we were giving him a permanent playmate (and permanent arch nemesis). Like a little present cooking up in mommy’s belly.

We moved to Maui when I was 14 weeks pregnant.  With no babysitter, no friends and no family on island, my son came with me to every OB visit.  Other than a necessity, I liked how this was a way for Cam to be part of this new journey we, as a family, were embarking on.  I also thought is created just enough of an interruption in Cam’s daily life for him to start to get used to another being taking up some of mommy’s time.

Cam was with me when I found out what we were having.  He was with me when doctors realized I was having pre-term labor and was hooked up to the monitor to track contractions. Yes, he was even in the room when I had my membranes stripped when I was declared past due!  I think having my buddy along with me totally helped him mentally prepare and helped me start to juggle taking care of two kids, albeit with one still in my womb.

In the end (or the beginning, perhaps), after my daughter was born, I was able to pull out my mental tool box that I had stocked from going through everything with my son.  And it’s those tools that are continuously helping me get through the hard times and recognize the good and ‘must-take-mental-note’ times. And number two has given me some new tools of her own and it’s all ever evolving. They keep me on my toes and bring the biggest joy to my world, the two of them.  And I believe they like each other…no really, I KNOW they like each other.  Life with two is…good!

Anyhow, check out today’s momversation and be sure to head on over and leave a comment over at the momversation site – you have to register, but believe me, you’ll be back…they’re convos are entertaining, real and addictive!

Here you go…The Ohana Mama as a real, honest-to-goodness, guest panelist on Momversations…

How did you get mentally ready for number two? Share!


  1. Cute, Sara! You did great.

  2. I too am preparing for baby #2 seriously scared poopless…

    Okay someone tell me is Dooce’s newest post not the funniest thing ever!

  3. You were awesome Sarah! Having that mental toolbox for the second child makes it so much more enjoyable! My first child was 3 1/2 when it was almost time for child number 2 to enter our world so I enrolled her in a class at the hospital just for siblings. She got to dress up in a mask, cap and hospital gown, watched a video about caring for babies and even visited the maternity ward to see some newborns. She is now 14 and still remembers it! :)

  4. That’s great Chrissy! I think it’s so neat to let the older sib really feel like they are helping mom bake/make this baby :) Best of luck and early congrats on your new bean!

  5. Thank you for sharing this! I am currently 39 weeks pregnant with #2; hoping he makes his appearance any day now. Like you (or opposite you, rather) we moved away from the Big Island of Hawaii to Boston, MA when I was 18 weeks pregnant. We have no family/friends here and my husband works a LOT. So, my 5 year old has been with me to nearly every appointment. She is so involved with this pregnancy and has really been my companion. The midwives let her measure me and use the doppler at my weekly appointments. She has even said that she wants to be a midwife when she grows up! It has definitely helped me to feel mentally ready for #2 knowing that I have this little helper in my daughter and to see her so excited about getting a little brother!

  6. You are so fabulous. We love this video!!

  7. love it sarah! You were hands down the best blogger on there.


  8. Awesome Sarah!

  9. Love the video. Great job. You did awesome.

  10. You were so fantastic! And could you be any prettier? Congrats, you did a great job :)

  11. NanaTutu4r says:

    You are beautiful! Loved that you shared how Cam was a part of Leah’s coming
    throughout the pregnancy. Love the momversations!
    The “new baby” (sib #2 etc.) should always be looked at and spoken about as “belonging” to everyone. (Less of the inevitable jealousy) Baby #2 was not only Mom & Dad’s baby, but Cam’s baby also! I view it all that the first child is gift of love between the parents, and all subsequent children, are continued affirmations of that love and a gift to the older children too! Having been an “only” child myself & marrying another “only,” I believe the second child offers the first child and the family, a bit more sense of balance, everyone has that special “partner” (or sister/brother) to share their daily experiences…. on into adulthood. This sibling becomes another living being that later in life can attest to events from their childhood together. And…. they grow and entertain each other, so you can relax a bit with subsequent children (given your past knowledge etc.) and not “sweat the small stuff” so much, but rather “savor the moments.”
    That’s this “Tutu’s Take” on having a second child.

  12. You did awesome Sarah! You looked so good too!!!

  13. you are a DOLL!! ;) baby #2 was easier for ME personally because I knew what to expect–I had a c-section with the 1st so I planned the same for the 2nd. mentally though I was really scared and so I did prepare myself by spending a lot of time with my daughter and started doing special things with her weekly and kept doing those things once her lil brother came along. It also helped a lot that I had a girl already and the 2nd was a boy–there was no drama over giving baby #2 “her stuff”

  14. OMG you are so precious. Love you. By the way, 2nd baby NOT easier!

  15. Great stuff! You are my mommy hero.

  16. That’s so cool. I love that. You look fab and what a nice post.

  17. Courtney Velasquez says:

    That was great and you look so good! You go girl!


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