Make-up, Make-up, Make-up! Win some make-up! LIVE GIVEAWAY

I am a lip & lashes kind of a gal.  Leave me with some lip gloss and mascara and I am good to go (ok, please also leave the concealer for the under eye circles this mama is sportin’!) But mascara and lip gloss are the only type of make up that I truly feel naked without.

If you are like me then you are going to love this LIVE GIVEAWAY!

As part of the Beyond 11 Moms team, I was able to try the new Maybelline New York Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara .  Equipped with a battery, you press down on a button in the mascara wand to create vibrations while you apply.  This is supposed to take the place of you physically shaking the wand while applying – do you do that? I do! I want it to get in there and on each lash to give me “I’m awake!” eyes.

My take…

  • I like the mascara, vibrate or no vibrate – you don’t have to use the vibrating function if you don’t want to, fyi
  • The vibration isn’t all that strong so you won’t have trouble and end up with mascara in your eye or all over your face, a la raccoon face
  • I wear contacts and had no eye irritation
  • The vibrating function itself isn’t the reason I’d buy this product. But overall, it was just as good as my trusty Maybelline Great Lash mascara that I’ve been using for years.


I’m giving away TWO mascara to TWO readers! (one mascara each)

This is a LIVE giveaway so the first person to 90 (as in 3 months…that’s how long you should keep your mascara for) and the first person to number 101 (as in Maybelline’s ‘Mascara 101‘ found here)

RULES…Let’s Talk Make-Up!

That’s it!  Keep the talk to make up – do you wear it? What’s your fave product of Maybelline’s?  What make up product could you not live without…that sort of thing

Have fun!

Open to US & Canada

Want to purchase your own NOW?!


  1. Nice Giveaway! I haven’t heard of that mascara before. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog through MomDot’s Link-a-thon!


  2. 1955nurse says:

    I agree! Eye make-up and skin care and I’m out the door :)

  3. Thank you for a great contest, Ohana Mama! :)

  4. CONGRATS BEEP…#90 & AMY…#101

    I’ll be emailing you for the addresses!

    Thanks everyone!

  5. congrats mamas!

  6. LOL! I was like, “Darn, I wasn’t #91!” Good thing I re-read it. ;D

  7. Sorry Toni!

  8. This was so fun, thanks everyone!

  9. I missed both by one, lol.

  10. Thank you guys!!! I enjoyed chatting!

  11. LOL Beeb! I wondered why you said congrats to me! lol ;)

  12. Congrats ladies! :)

  13. Hey – I WON!!! WOW!! I thought comment 91 was the winner, that’s why I congratulated Stefanie. XDDD

  14. Mascara is a must !!

  15. Yep, you won Amy

  16. :):):) This is my 1st time winning anything EVER!!

  17. well that was fun haha had a better chance while chatting by myself

  18. Damn…so close!

  19. Wait so I won???

  20. Yep, missed it by one yet again, ARGH!

  21. Wooo

  22. Close!

  23. bronzor

  24. woah 90 flew by i love my eyeliner

  25. We are so close now

  26. WIll I miss it again, lol.

  27. make-up

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