Wine or Grape Juice?

There is a difference between being progressive, growing, changing with the times (or ahead of it) and changing so often it seems that you are having a bloggy identity crisis.

Do you change your background, header, heck even your blog’s entire subject matter, every week or every month?

Are you suffering from bloggy identity loss?

Let me explain…and tell me if you agree or am I drinking too many mai tais over here in Hawaii…

It happens to me. I won’t lie. I am constantly thinking of the next thing to do for my blog. I spend days, nights, hour upon hour looking for a new image on istock for my header. I finally change it up only to have my husband tell me, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it!” And the readers agree. I make a change and often get an email saying, “I liked it the other way.” And I listen and return to my old header or blog style. It’s become my identity and brand, people know that they’ve landed on The Ohana Mama when they see my header.

Lately I see many a blogger changing their theme, their header or even adding a whole new blog ,what seems like every week or month. And I have to say, ENOUGH ALREADY! Yes, it’s YOUR blog and you can do what YOU want but as a reader, it makes my head spin and has me asking, “is this the same blog?” It sorta makes me think, if they are having a bloggy identity crisis, how dependable is the content? Will they be here talking about what I love, the reason I visit, next week or will they be onto the next big thing?

I like change and yet, I don’t. Truth be told I do get antsy. Not just with blog stuff but with life schtuff. Yeah I’m always thinking “where should we move to next” but I have realized that I need to settle down for a bit to really feel like this is home and truly experience it.

I think the same might be true with blogs. When you are constantly changing it up or moving on to the next thing, what are you missing? Maybe your old blog subject would have taken off if you would have given it more time to cultivate with your readers. For readers to get to know you. For you to establish your brand.

Yes, keep it fresh. Keep growing but to forever keep changing things and not let what you’ve already done settle, breathe or ferment like a good wine, well, you might just be left with grape juice.

What’s YOUR take? How often is too often for changing your blog?  Are you a changeaholic?


  1. Guilty! Oh I totally do that. But I think I haven’t completely figured out my blogging identity yet. Though I’ve been blogging for four years it’s just now really becoming a passion. And in a way I’m allowing myself to say…it doesn’t have to stay that way…you can make it better and better and grow. I think it’s best to be consistant and keep my picture on there…so people know they’ve made the right stop. Oh but now…woman!! Now I’m paranoid!! Hee hee, just kiddin! But yeah I don’t do it a lot…maybe just a lot lately until I figure it all out. But I also don’t have a specific theme to my blog so you may not like it.

  2. yeah, I wanted to change my blog header but, that girl with the glasses and cell phone is soo ME in real life {well, I got a new haircut lol} but, I was thinking of maybe doing like a fade into a picture–a real picture-of MOI?!?

    I’m all for updating things but changing your blog too often is not a good thing because like you said, you are a brand. That goes the same for content and just the overall feel of your blog, your associations, your comments…it’s all YOUR BRAND

  3. I agree, I don’t like it when blogs change too often.

    An improvement every once in a while (like years maybe) is fine.

  4. LOL I’m one of those changers. I’ll admit, it’s sheer boredom for me though.

  5. Once in a while is okay, too much change too often doesn’t seem fair to your readers at all. For us, major change once every 2 years it seems! :)

  6. I just had my first update. I love my original layout so I stuck with it, and just accentuated it. I don’t like change. I have been searching for like 3 months for a darn blog I liked that I can no longer find. I KNOW it is out there, they probably just changed everything.

  7. I’m on my second blog template. I’ve had my blog for almost 2 years. I think I finally found what works for me. I do have a central “theme” my huladancer, which is a nickname. I will always carry the theme.

    It does drive me a bit crazy when people constantly change it.

    Also Twitter avatars. I remember a lot of people by their avatar, which is why mine will probably stay a graphic instead of a picture of me.

  8. I have to say that I agree with you. If you make changes they should stay in line with the general essence of you as a brand. I am constantly trying to think of a way to improve, evolve, stand out, etc. But some changes take away rather than add to your content and brand, and too much change is just plain confusing.

    I do love your blog and recently found it. I’m putting your button up in my sidebar to share with others :D

  9. You tell it sister! Honestly a blog that changes all of the time turns me off. In a major way. I have been blogging since last July and I still have the same Write Gal. I have changed the background some but the “gal” which I associate as my brand has remained the same. That’s not to say I might not tweak her colors in the future but when I see that image I think of me. I think it is natural to want change but too much change does turn people like me off. Thanks for writing a great post!

  10. I’ve only been around for 4 months but I’ve changed a lot. Sometimes to make it easier to navigate around the page but sometimes just because I get sick of the color. I’m not to the point where I have a huge following yet but yes, I get antsy to change my blog as well!

  11. I changed my background up a lot when I first started blogging. Not so much the content though. I think you just have to find your niche and stick with it!

  12. I think some change is good, but not when it’s your identity. When people “know” you by an image, it’s too late to change it.

  13. I do sarah. I am bad. I am forever trying to change into something else and when im not doing that, im updating. HA HA


    • Sarah Burns says:

      I could write a whole other post on how I love to constantly change and evolve…talk about identity crisis :) LOL

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